Dos and Don’ts When You Are Traveling Through Air

Whether you are a business class passenger or the economy one, when it comes to air rides; you may have to face certain highs and lows in your journey. From the time you enter the airport till the departure, there is a long span of time in between which you need to spend on the plane with the other passengers. Sometimes the person sitting beside you annoys you and there are times when you become a problem for him too.

After you pass out all the official processes like checking of papers, managing the luggage and passing the security; all you want is to get a perfect seat to pass your journey in the most optimum way. But sometimes, unknowingly, you do some stuff which becomes unmanageable by the others. So it’s become quite important to know “what to do?” and “what not to do?”

Let’s start with the positive things which you should definitely need to do while traveling in airplanes.


Be quite and calm during the flight: The best way to travel is to be calm and compose throughout the flight.
Manage your kids: If you are traveling with your kids, then make sure that they don’t disturb others in the plane. It’s obviously not possible that everyone finds your kids cute. So its better you taught them how to behave in a flight.
Do drink a lot of water: Drink enough water on a plane flight; it will prepare you to tackle issues like dehydration and jet-lag.
Co-operate with your flight attendant: The more you co-operate with your flight attendant, the more it becomes easy for you to travel.
Always be in carrying on limits: Try to carry only that stuff which is really necessary. It will only help you to manage that.
Organize your gadgets and electronic devices: Charge your devices like laptops and phones well before traveling.
Try to eat as healthy as possible: Intake of healthy stuff can only help you to go through the whole journey without any health issues.
• Be patient while leaving the plane even if you have a connecting flight.
• Be respectful and friendly with the people in front of you and behind you.
• Never book or get a middle seat if you have health issues like weak bladder or vomiting issues.


Don’t try any new medicine: It’s quite normal that passengers forget to get their medicines with them when they enter the plane or they leave it back in their luggage, so in that case don’t ever try to take any new medicine as this can have an adverse effect on you. So it’s better if you wait till you get back your baggage.

Don’t drink too much: Traveling just can’t go with drinking much whether you are on a plane or in your car. Yes, having a glass of wine or other liquors doesn’t affect much but it’s better if you don’t cross the limit as nobody wants to sit beside a person who drinks a lot.

Don’t get indulge in a fight with the flight attendant: The flight attendants are there to help you when you need them. It’s totally not adoptable if you fight with one of them on minor issues like sitting or eating issues. It would be best to call them whenever you need them rather than to disturb your fellow passenger.

Don’t put your feet or shoes on above seats: Putting your feet on the above passenger’s seat for your comfort is a very bad idea. And above all, if you are dealing with smelly feet, then the effect goes double. Try to manage and if you have issues regarding your sitting postures, it’s not anybody’s problem.

Don’t throw nasty jokes about bombs: Having fun and cracking jokes is not a big deal but if you are traveling on air, don’t ever think of making jokes on bombs, terrorists or stuff like that. It may threaten the other passengers.

Don’t eat stinky food or a new dish: If you are traveling on the air for the first time, never think of eating unhealthy or stinky food. This makes it difficult for the passengers to sit beside you. Trying out a new food item is also a bad idea while traveling.

Don’t ignore the safety briefings: Although you have traveled much before, never ignore the safety briefings given by the flight attendant. It is mentioned every time to help you only.

Don’t leave your seat during mealtimes: Never think of leaving your seat during the meals. Your act can disturb the other passengers. It’s better if you wait for a while.

Don’t put your stuff in an overhead bin where you’re not sitting: It’s best if you put your all stuff in the bins above your seat. And if it is small in size, you can put it under the seat in front of you.

Don’t bring a bag which is too heavy or big to put in the overhead bin with you. It will only trouble you and the other passengers.

Don’t keep on complaining about minor issues to flight attendant: It’s totally worthless if you keep on calling the attendant and complaints him or her about the problems regarding eating, drinking, seats, etc.
The above points will surely help you to be a perfect traveler and a good passenger while traveling through a plane.