Cuomo Proposed LaGuardia Airport AirTrain Project Connecting To New York!

Governor Andrew Cuomo has signed a legislation that the LaGuardia Airport AirTrain project at will be moving forward. The governor’s for the LaGuardia AirTrain project will allow multiple potential alignments to be considered during an upcoming environmental review led by the FAA with required public participation.

  • The AirTrain is slated to run between the airport and Willets Point, New York.
  • Rail access from all of Long Island via the LIRR will also be provided as well as the MTA’s 7 subway line.
  • The AirTrain would connect to the subway and LIRR, as buses currently do, covering a 1.5-mile stretch.
  • The construction for the AirTrain project is slated to begin in 2020 and end in 2022.
  • When complete, commuters will be able to take trips to and from Midtown Manhattan in under 30 minutes and access the entire LIRR Network and the 7 train.

Presently, that trip takes about 50 minutes by public transit or about 35 minutes by car.

The governor said in the statement, “The new LaGuardia Airport will provide an improved customer experience with better access to airlines and public transportation for all passengers — essential to the airport’s transformation. AirTrain LGA will set an example of comprehensive transit infrastructure for the rest of the nation, and will pay dividends for decades by connecting riders to transit hubs across the Metropolitan area, boosting passenger growth across all airlines, and providing a more efficient means of travel for generations to come.”

Local elected officials from Queens have supported the AirTrain project, including Congressman Joe Crowley, Borough President Melinda Katz and Senator Jose Peralta. The governor thanked Senator Peralta and Assemblyman Jeffrion Aubry for passing legislation supporting alternative transportation routes that would “lessen the potential impacts” of the AirTrain.

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