Check The Details of Indian visa renewal for US citizens!

Each year many foreign travelers visit India and find themselves in potential situations of overstaying a visa. The reasons are improper planning with plane tickets, new interests, spiritual awakening, business meeting are extended due to any reason, and more.

Indian visa gives the permission to the travelers of visiting and staying in Indian for a specific period of time. How long you are staying in India depends upon what type of visa you have. So, follow the Indian visa renewal for us citizens for the detail information.

What is the FRRO?

The Foreigners Regional Registration Office (FRRO) handles all the services of the foreign travelers those who are living in India. Foreigners who want to enter in India may apply in the respective FRRO/FRO office for a visa extension.

Extension requirements for foreign national:

US citizens must have submitted the application form of visa extension for residential permit. And apply for visa extension at least 60 days before the date of expiry.

Over stay:

In the event of overstay, the applicants are legible to apply under Foreigners Act 1946 and imprisonment up to 5 years with fine and rejection from India.

Late Registration:

No fee is charged for registration. But the registrations officers will charge a penalty in Indian currency if the applicants will delay for renewal.

Registration is required for:

Every travelers who are visiting India on Student Visa(S) including those coming for study for Vedic Culture, Indian system of dance and Music, Research Visa(R), Employment Visa (E), Missionary Visa (M), Medical Visa (M) or Medical Attendant (MX) Visa are required to get themselves registered with concerned FRRO/FRO within 14 days of his/her first arrival, irrespective of the duration of their stay.

  • If the Indian Embassy made a Special endorsement for registration on the Employment, Medical, and Medical Attendant Visas for less than 180 days, the applicants must have to be registered.
  • The applicants who visiting India on long term visas like Business or Entry(X) or Journalist Visa and intends to stay for more than 180 days on a single visit required to register before the expiry of 180 days.
  • The applicants of Tourist Visa are required registration if they want to re-enter in India within 60 days of the last departure.
  • Children under the age of 16 have been exempted from registration if they have entered on PIO card or on any type of Visa.

It is important for the US citizens to personally appear at the respective FRRO office for obtaining Visa related services.

Change in the registered address:

An applicant can change his registered address if he changes his residence from one place to another place in India. The traveler can also leave his registered address when he knows that he is not coming back to India within six months.

Reports of other changes except for address:

Every applicant needs to provide the correct information that is necessary for maintaining the accuracy of a certificate to the registration office. Give all information within 14 days after the circumstance has occurred.

Surrender of certificates of registration on departure:

Hand over the departure certificate to the registration office either to the Registration Officer of the place where he registered or of the place from where he intends to depart or to the Immigration Officer at the Check post of exit at the time of final departure from India.

A receipt indicating the surrender of documents that obtained and shown to the Immigration Officer at the time of final departure.

Duplicate certificate of registration:

If any certificate of registration is lost or destroyed then report to the Registration Officer of the district.  Explain the circumstances in which it was lost or destroyed along with the written application and a copy of police report to get a duplicate copy of the certificate of registration.

What will happen to me if I overstay?

It is a criminal offense to overstay in India without a visa. Travelers must pay a fine, plus regular fees as per duration of stay. It can also create a risk of the future block to visit in India. A tax clearance certificate may be requested showing you have changed your money legally.

How will they know?

All legitimate hotels, hostels, home stays and guest houses take your document and credentials upon arrival. This information is required to be submitted within 24 hours to Bureau of Immigration.

Overstays of 1 day are treated the same as 30 days. You are classified as an illegal immigrant. Let them know about your legal detention.

Ways to avoid a visa overstay:

India visas are valid from the date of application, not from the date of issuance or arrive in India. So, make your flight plans accordingly.

The 180 maximum stays duration begins on the day you arrive in India. Many flights reach late at night so check your passport. In some cases, you reach just before the midnight which will count as one day in the country. Departing international flights often fly in the early morning hours. This would be considered another day. So, count your days correctly if staying up to the maximum limit.

How can I get a new visa while in India?

There are a number of places where you can renew your visa if you want to stay in India. The people conveniently can renew their visa at the nearest registration offices. This is because the registration offices have the detail which makes the verification process easy. The travelers can also track the entire process from home through online.

The bureau of immigration department has a website that offers visa renewal services to foreigners. It is advisable that submit your application in 60 days before your valid visa expires. If not, then travel to your country of origin and to renew your visa.

If you are a traveler and wish to renew your Indian visa then you must have:

  • Visa Extension form.
  • Recent passport size photographs.
  • Request letter addressed to FRRO.
  • Original and copy of passport, VISA and Registration Certificate.
  • Copy of valid and notarized Lease agreement OR Copy of C-Form from the Hotel OR copy of recent electricity or telephone bill along with the letter from the landlord as proof of residence.
  • Provide a copy of respective visa documents and other supporting documents.
  • Copy of birth certificate along with a copy of either parent’s Indian passport.
  • For the change of college/place, a permission letter from FRRO & letter for cancellation from previous Institute or office.

Various exceptions provided by the registered officers:

You can get a 15-day visa extension from the FRRO for immediate reasons of illness, death or flight problem. A note or certificate from a licensed medical professional must be provided in the case of medical emergencies.

A one-month extension can be granted for serious illness, death, marriage or travel disruption.


Indian visa renewal process does not take long to complete. As long as you provide all the necessary details that are needed for renewal, this process only takes a few hours or day depending on which channel you use.