Cheapest Days Of The Week To Book Flights From USA To India

Most travelers wonder about what could be the cheapest days to book flights! However, there is little success they attain to find the right answer for this conundrum. Fluctuating airfares has become a norm nowadays as the aviation sector is getting back on track. Hence whenever you try to book a flight, you will often experience rising or falling airfares. Moreover, it’s not beyond our comprehension why every traveler wishes to steal the best flight deals!

Obviously, we know you want to save as much money as possible on your flights. Therefore, you go on finding ways to book the cheapest flights for you. On the other hand, which could be the cheapest days to fly is surely a factor that attracts your attention. Firstly, it’s absolutely crucial to understand the nuances associated with these. There may be a certain pattern in the change of the airfares. Thus we will try to elucidate what could be the street smart hacks to identify the cheapest days to fly!

Understanding Which Are The Cheapest Days To Book Flights

Almost every traveler finalizes dates which are based on the fact on how many day-offs can fit within the trip itinerary. As a matter of fact, the basic travel hack has been a cliché since time immemorial in the aviation industry. Therefore, if we pay a little attention, there is a definite pattern to ascertain the cheapest days to fly. After analyzing the airfare patterns, the term “Cheapest Day” to fly in particular came to the fore. The cheapest days to fly are the days particularly which offer the flight tickets at the lowest airfares. Perhaps every flier should know how to book cheap flights using this smart hack.

Planning An Itinerary Around The Cheapest Days To Fly

Price fluctuation in the airfares in general depends on the day of the week you choose to fly in particular. If the itinerary is subjectable to a change, the best time to fly can possibly collide with your travel plan. Being flexible while booking your flights can help you grab the cheapest flight for you. On the contrary, during the peak schedules there may be premium airfares. These indeed make booking cheap flights almost impossible. It’s equally important to realize that booking your flights in advance is always a great thing to do.

Another important thing that must be remembered is that choosing the right travel partner can help immensely. We are one of the best and most reputable platforms which provide cheap flight deals to India. We can help you with the best solutions for all your concerns about booking cheap flights. Let’s talk more in detail about some of the cheapest days to fly.

Which Are The Cheapest Days To Fly?

After conducting a thorough research and according to our survey reports, we have something to share with you all. Our empirical evidence says that Wednesdays and Tuesdays are the cheapest days to book flights. Similarly, Saturdays are the cheapest days to fly on domestic flights. It’s equally important to know that Saturdays aren’t the cheapest days to fly internationally. The cheapest days to fly include Mondays and Thursdays as well. Another key point to remember is that Fridays and Sundays are the costliest days to fly.


When you follow a flier’s psychology, traveling at the mid of the week can prove to be a waste of your planned leaves. Moreover, flight tickets are sure to be the cheapest on Tuesdays as mid-week days are the least in demand.


There are reasons behind Wednesdays being one of the cheapest days to fly. Although it’s a fact that it falls exactly between mid-weeks, still you can save some money. It‘s equally important to realize that shifting your itinerary accordingly can help you save big on your flights.


This is one of the least in demand days to fly internationally. That is to say, airlines offer the cheapest flights on this day. This is done in order to improve their workability.

Saving Money On Your Flights

Comparing the Options:

You can learn a lot from the market in order to grab the best deals and lowest airfares. In fact, you can compare between the best prices available and go with the cheapest one out there. If you are looking to book cheap flights to India this is something that you can always try doing.

Avoid Traveling During Peak Season:

It is an established fact that most travelers plan their trip during the most convenient time. Not to mention “if the demand is greater, the price tag will be higher as well”. Therefore, you can choose to restrict yourself from traveling during this time. Planning your itinerary that is based on the cheapest day of the week can help you save big on your trip.

Go for the Connecting Flights:

In general, a connecting flight is a bit cheaper in comparison to a non-stop flight. However, a non-stop flight can offer you some perks and privileges. But overlooking these in order to save some good amount of money isn’t always bad. This will further allow you to travel in a cost-effective way like a pro.

Booking Early:

This is one of the most fundamental aspects of booking cheap flights. For example, if you are traveling from USA to India, booking in advance will prove to be the best time to book flights from USA to India. In fact, booking your flight 25 days to 150 days before your departure is an ideal time. It is more likely that you will get the best deals for you during this time.

Owning a Travel Credit Card:

Having a good credit card is another ingenious way that can help you book cheap flights. Perhaps a credit card can offer you the opportunity to earn some extra travel points while booking flights with it. Besides that, there can be offers with a particular credit card which can have additional benefits. For example, free checked luggage, cabin upgradation and boarding etc. Isn’t that something really amazing!

Monitoring Extra Charges:

It is always advisable to go through the fine print of flight charges offer charts initially. This will further help you to find out about any extra charges on your flight tickets. It also allows you to learn comprehensively about the services and charges beforehand.

Price Difference Between Cheapest Vs. Usual Days To Fly

We cannot always be very sure about the days which are going to be the cheapest to fly. Perhaps we can also say that it is not a scientifically proven fact. But with all the search and observation over the years has led us to bring this information for you. Moreover, the study and observation includes advertised as well as non-advertised sales. As a result, Flydealfare’s annual airfare study says there is a price difference between cheapest and usual days of flying. To explain we can say that there is an approximately $90 difference between the two. In fact, you can book flights on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays $90 cheaper than other days.

What Is The Cheapest Time Of The Cheapest Days To Fly?

As can be seen with the cheapest days in week strategy, you can also pick the cheapest time to fly. Rather this is one of the best ways to save a little more on your flights. Of course, every traveler will definitely book the flight at the most appropriate time for himself. But it must be remembered that traveling at an exceptional timeline can be propitious. As has been noted, an increase in the demand can naturally result in higher airfares.

However, choosing to fly on unusual times can be equally beneficial for your pocket. Hence, we can say that flying at early morning or late night hours can help you save big on your flights. We already know late night flights are also known as red-eye flights. They help you save some money while traveling and additionally can provide other benefits as well. This is indeed something which can immensely help you book cheap flights to India.

Learn More About The Unusual Flight Timings

You must be wondering what exactly these unusual flight timings are? Well, these are the flight timings which are not much in demand. Consequently, they are cheaper for you to book and travel as well. We are mentioning some of the most famous unusual times to fly you can choose.

  • 6 A.M to 7 A.M is particularly an ideal time of departure for all the business as well as leisure travelers. Moreover, it is also suitable for boarding the flight at the cheapest price at the same time.
  • Midnight or beyond is another time you can choose as your ideal departure time. Thus you can board these red-eye flights. We know these are also one of the cheapest available flights. Likewise, this is a time that can help you nonchalantly cut the cost of your travel.
  • 3 P.M – 5 P.M flights are not much in demand either. One big reason behind this is that they can potentially ruin the whole productivity of the day. Therefore, to enhance the boarding rate, airlines keep the prices comparatively lower for these flights.

Whenever you plan to board a flight, it is better to be exclusive with your timings. This in particular can prove conducive to save some bucks on your flights. That is the only way to keep the price drop ball in the street smart passenger court. You may also consider these aforementioned facts as travel tips for international flights. We assure you that making right use of these will certainly help you book cheap flights.

Pick The Right Travel Partner For Booking Your Flights

Last but not least, the indispensable factor for booking cheap flights is choosing the right travel partner. Regardless of when and which time of the week you wish to book your flights, a reliable partner can make all the difference. Therefore, we have brought all the best offers for you that help you save big on your flights. Feel free to contact us and let us help you with the best itineraries for your journey. Apart from that, if you have any queries regarding flights and international travel, we are there for you.

We will definitely do our best to provide you with a concrete solution for all your travel related concerns. Booking your flights with us lends you a hassle free experience and an even more convenient journey. We always keep our customers’ priorities at the forefront. This is something that allows us to ensure we ultimately deliver excellent customer satisfaction. We have got the coolest ever deals on flights to India . In fact, that’s a reason why we have so many happy customers to our name.