Changi Stopovers Program Encourages Travelers To Enjoy The Sights Of Singapore!

Changi Airport is launching a new program that encourages travelers to stop and enjoy the sights and sounds of Singapore. The Changi Stopovers program has been designed to show travelers the fun possibilities that exist while they are making stopovers in Singapore. Travelers who are visiting Southeast Asia or simply passing through on the way to other long-haul destinations are being targeted.

A cost will apply on a person per packages. The Changi Stopovers package starts with a 2-day-1-night stay in a participating hotel of your choice. Changi Stopovers is being promoted as part of collaboration between the Singapore Tourism Board and Changi Airport Group (CAG).

Passengers who book packages using the Changi Stopovers website will each enjoy a free one-way transfer from the airport to your hotel. In addition, each customer will be given a mobile SIM card. The Changi Stopovers program taps into the popularity of this major hub. More than 100 airlines operate out of Changi. Those airlines connect Singapore to around 400 cities around the world.

All passengers passing through Changi Airport will be able to enjoy extra amenities when Jewel Changi Airport opens next year. This mixed-use development being added to the existing airport will feature gardens, restaurants, shops, a hotel and many more attractions. The addition will link Changi’s Terminal 1 with Terminal 2 and Terminal 3.

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