Cathay Pacific To Introduce New ‘Smart Bag’ Policy For Passengers

Few new policies in regards to the carriage of ‘smart bags’ will be introduced by Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon. The smart bags are the type of innovative luggage which features the integrated lithium batteries for the purpose of charging an external device or to provide power to the wheels of the bag.

Recently, some of the major airlines ban the use of such kind of smart bags as the lithium-ion batteries in there can cause fire-related accidents easily.

Talking about the Cathay’s policies regarding these bags, these will not be considered a portable electronic device plus the batteries will be handled as a power bank or spare lithium battery.

The guidelines of IATA; International Air Transport Association is followed for this new policy. The similar practices are adopted by major airlines worldwide for safety management and risk mitigation.

Rules Regarding Checked Baggage:
  • With the starting of 2018, passengers traveling with the smart bags must remove the battery as the bag has to be checked-in at any point during the customer’s journey.
  • You also have to carry the removed lithium battery in their cabin baggage. It will be treated according to the existing spare lithium battery requirements.
Rules Regarding Cabin baggage:
  • On the other hand, if the passenger likes to take the smart bag as cabin baggage, then he needs to remove the battery and should remain installed inside the bag.
  • In case, the battery is not removed; the passenger will not be allowed to carry that stuff as checked or cabin baggage.

In case, you need any other detail regarding the smart bags and its carrying, Cathay Airport teams will be happy to assist you in the best way possible.


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