Aviation Department Find Best Solution For Screening Of Flyers With Prosthetics

Now, the committee formed by the Civil Aviation Security has realized the need of a private screening point for the passenger with the prosthetic limb. Hence, the committee has suggested that there is a need of private screening point for these passengers with the facility of sitting arrangement so that they can take off their prosthetic limb.

It is very uncomfortable for the passengers to remove their prosthetic limbs and very soon they don’t need to face the embarrassment of removing them for security checks at airports.

A ministry official quotes the draft by stating that “During the screening of prosthetics, airport security officer may use a visual check, explosive trace detector (ETD) and X-ray screening depending on the circumstances of each case.”

Passengers with prosthetics or braces need to inform the airline and must be accompanied by an airline representative (preferably of the same gender). The main objective is to make the screening process full of comfort for the passenger with prosthetic limbs as well as full standards of security are also maintained.

As per the committee, in case there is a need for the X-Ray screening of the prosthetic limb, then such passenger should be taken to a private screening point.

It is also maintained that the entries of the passengers with the prosthetic device should be properly regulated while dealing with a prosthetic device and during removing and wearing clothes. If screening of the prosthetic limb is required, then the screening in the private screening area will be carried out by two officials, out of that one has to handle HHMD and the other one has to inspect the prosthetics, braces and support appliance.

The disability rights activists also asked the security agencies to follow the international security standards and they can check the passengers with prosthetic limbs with ETD.