Annoying Things About Travelers At The Airport That Everyone Hates!

Going through the airport security lines can be a frustrating and exhausting. Everyone just wants to get through the airport as quickly as possible so they do not miss their flight. But when you are waiting for the checkpoint or wait for your flight, you have to walk through screening machine to check or carry bag. And you have to rely on confusing signage to find the right terminal and gate.

Another worst factor is about the late passengers. One is trying to jump in the queue. Another argues with the security at the checkpoint and another who is on time but lost his passport. There are lots of people who behave in a way and annoy us at the airport.

So, here are some annoying things about travelers at the airport that everyone hates, and some suggestions to ease the pain.

The travelers who stop talking about how they are missing their flight

As soon as you get in the line, some travelers are no stop talking about how they miss their flight. Whether they are traveling alone or with their family, they always complain and worry about that the line is security so slow and due to that they will miss their flight.

The person who cuts the line without asking

  • The security line is a serious business at the airport. But few travelers just try to cut the line without asking and some of them ask to step in front of you.
  • There is a reason to do so. Everybody wants to wake up early and get to the airport hours before their departure time.

Travelers who do not read the signs about following the lines

  • There are always separate lines for passengers, who have been nominated for TSA Pre check and others for frequent fliers.
  • At the large airports, it’s difficult to find your way to reach the safety check box. But once you reach there, you can just follow the signs to figure out which line you need to stand in.
  • But there are always some painfully clueless passengers who either miss the signs or ignore them and then they end up in the wrong line.

Travelers who complain about the wait

  • Some travelers worried and complain about missing flight. They also grumble and grouse about the wait at the airport or in the parking garage.
  • They complain about the line in the luggage check. But once you reach the security check then you can kill the waiting time.

The traveler who does not have his ID

As you approach the TSA agent, you need to prepare your boarding pass and ID. And if somebody does not know about it then follow the signs. But we have seen that there are some passengers who ignore or miss those signs and approach the TSA agent without their ID in hand. This may cause you to a big delay which you do not want to commit.

The traveler who can’t locate his passport

Some people do not know they need their driver’s license at the airport security. A messenger bag can have so many sections or a coat can have so many pockets. And due to that, it disorganized the traveler from managing to put his passport somewhere that he can easily find it when the TSA agent needs it.

The traveler who cannot stop his relatives to stop following him along the outside of the line

Many of you become emotional when we saying goodbye to your relative. But do not allow them to follow you through the security line.

The traveler who has Pre check, but gets in the regular line again

  • Sometimes a guy in front of you that actually has TSA Pre check but stands in the line again in any way. They just forget that they have already registered and paid for TSA Pre Check.
  • They forget the designation of their boarding pass. So, do not stand in slow security lines. And take the advantage of the quick screening.

The over-packer who needs five trays at the TSA checkpoint

Once you give your boarding pass and the ID to the security agent, the things turn into worse from here.

  • If you are getting stuck behind the over-packer in line then brace yourself.
  • You can spot this traveler from a mile away by their overstuffed bag.
  • They need much time to retrieve their items from the conveyor belt.

A tech-addicted traveler

Some of the travelers are tech addicted. May be they have two or more phones in one jacket. One is in another pocket and the second one is in another one.

They have two laptops and two tablets plus a smart watch and everything is tangled in a knot of ear phones and chargers. And they cannot quickly take out their devices like everyone else.

The travelers who wear shoes those are impossible to take off

One of the main rules to get through of the security checkpoint is to take off your shoes. But once in a while, sometimes you get stuck behind the person who definitely puts the combat shoe or high-heeled booties. It almost takes 15-16 minutes to unlace the shoes or does not have a balance to take them off easily.

So, always wear slippers instead of shoes.

The traveler who suffers from cold

We are all caught by the germs at the airport or plane. And most of us know that when we get a cough or sneeze, it is probably best that avoid mixing more germs in the mixture. But especially during the flu season, you will definitely face a traveler or two, who are holding a cold and catching it, there is no interest in stopping all around them.

Maybe they drop used tissues all over the floor in front of you. But Surely, you probably would not cancel your trip just because you caught by a cold. And nobody wants to be near someone who cannot take basic precautions to contain their germs.

The one who does not remember to take off his belt

Many people wear belts. But most know that when they get to the TSA checkpoint, they have to need to take their belt off.

Unfortunately, there is always at least one passenger who is unaware about the security check-ins rules. If you are lucky, then this person can listen to a TSA agent to remove his shoes, belts, and jackets and remind everyone to really follow.

But if not, then they will hold the entire line walking through the metal detector. So, always read the security guidelines.

The passenger who doesn’t remember to empty his pockets

One more thing TSA hopes to do before you go through a body scanner or metal detector. Empty your pockets. But the one person who did not about this rule or did not read the sign. May be that guy is just stand in front of you.

The boy in front of you does not go through this body scanner until he remembers to take out his keys, his phone, receipts, and lip balm from his pocket.

The traveler with a giant bottle of water

  • You can take food through airport security, but you cannot take a big bottle of water.
  • It is not hard to imagine that anyone can forget about the bottle of water in their backpack. But this passenger very deliberately packed a big bottle of water – and wants to fight with the TSA agent who tells them that they cannot take it through.

The traveler who forgot that he had a weapon

If you know anything about TSA, then you know that the agency does not allow passengers to take anything like a weapon through a security checkpoint.

But in the airport security line, some passengers pack something as a weapon, without even realizing it.

It can be something in the form of a small pocket knife or something on. Just keep your distance and hope that it does not hold the line for a very long time.

The person who just can’t seem to get themselves back together

So you have successfully created this through a metal detector or body scanner, and the TSA agent has allowed you to retrieve your luggage. But to recover your property again, recover your dash, one of the other passengers on the safety line can be slowed down the process.

This final type of traveler can not just get things together once their trays emerge from the scanner. Perhaps they are putting their shoes on the wrong feet, their plastic bags of liquids managed to explode. Or maybe they are trying to finish a game before returning their jackets.


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