American Airlines Plans More Flights To Venezuela In Latin America Reshuffle!

At the end of the year, American Airlines is adding flights from Florida to Venezuela. It is an addition that contrasts with moves made by several international airlines that have halted or reduced service due to economic and political turmoil in the country.

The spokeswoman Laura Masvidal said, “The world’s largest airline will offer thrice-weekly service starting Dec. 19 from Miami to Caracas that will fly Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays, and will be served on a single aisle Airbus A319. The airline already has two daily departures from Miami to Caracas.”

Masvidal also said, The airline added the flights because the Miami-Caracas route “has continued to perform well.”

This new flights will bring American’s weekly service from Miami to Caracas to 17 flights. The airline also has a daily flight from Miami to Maracaibo, Venezuela, but its services are less than the nearly 50 flights a week it used to operate.

In mid-2014, American Airlines slashed its service from the U.S. to Venezuela. Other than that Delta Air Lines also cut its service that year and announced the suspension of its remaining Atlanta-to-Caracas flight last year. United Airlines made a similar move.

On Monday, American’s service to Latin America has announced. Apart from this, the airline is also adding service to existing routes to Mexico and announced new service like nonstop flights from:

  • Los Angeles to Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Miami to Cordoba, Argentina
  • Dallas-Fort Worth to Oaxaca, Mexico
  • Philadelphia to Mexico City.

At the same time, American in August will stop flying from Dallas to Belo Horizonte, Brazil, and from Dallas to Rio de Janeiro. It is also reducing service from New York and Rio de Janeiro and flights to Sao Paulo from Los Angeles and Miami.

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