Alaska Airlines & Virgin America Are Shrinking The Size Of Carry-On Bags By 32%!

This time you may have to carry a smaller carry-on bag if you are planning to fly with Alaska Airlines or Virgin America. The two carriers that are owned by the Alaska Air Group are shrinking the dimensions of the carry-on bags to ensure that passengers have no problems on any other flights on their itinerary.

The size is decreased by 32%, starting in less than two months. Alaska Airlines and Virgin America announced on its website that from starting on June 4, they will no longer accept carry-on bags over the dimensions of 22” x 14” x 9”.

Those are the same maximum dimensions for carry-on bags on Delta, United, and American, which set an informal industry standard given their positions as top carriers. There are no federal regulations governing carry-on bags.

Alaska Airlines currently allows carry-on bags up to 24” x 17”x 10”. Virgin America imposes a maximum outside linear dimension of 51 inches, which equates to the same limit as Alaska Airlines’.

The parent company of Alaska Airlines that is Alaska Air Group has acquired Virgin America.

Alaska said these new changes will “help you to avoid carry-on bag size conflicts and make connections with other airlines easier during your future trips,” as connecting flights from other carriers may have smaller allowances.

The merger with Virgin America is taking shape. All flights and reservations made on Virgin America moving to the Alaska Airlines system by April 25. In addition, all Virgin America terminal gates, websites and mobile apps will be absorbed or converted to those of Alaska Airlines by that date.

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