Alaska Airlines Is The Latest Carrier To Adopt The Farelogix FLX

Talking about the FLX Merchandise, it is an enterprise or cloud-based solution. This system integrates directly with the existing technology of the airlines and lets them create a dynamic product and service retail offers across multiple sales channels. It also includes – website, mobile apps, check-in kiosks, call centers and travel agencies directly or via the GDS.

Well, the latest carrier which adopts this is the Alaska Airlines. Hence it will help the airline to adapt and personalize products and services.

A number of carriers are linked with the FLX Merchandise system. It includes – Delta Air Lines, Emirates, United Airlines and Air Canada. These airlines are using this to make custom-tailored dynamic offers for sales of seats and ancillaries.

The main advantage of FLX Merchandise to airlines is that it can be fully implemented and controlled by the airline directly. It is flexible to adapt to any type of merchandising strategy of the airline too.

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