Airport food delivery apps make it easier to buy and fly!

Passengers can get the glimpse of two new apps at the airports and can enjoy the demand delivery service. These are:

  • “Airport Sherpa” which was launched this month at Baltimore-Washington Airport (BWI).
  • “AtYourGate” will be launched by the end of the August at San Diego Airport.

These both services will provide the food and retail delivery to the customers. So now customers can order services from any terminal within the airport. This means that they can enjoy food from their favorite restaurant in the specific airport to which they are traveling from.

The president and co-founder of AtYourGate, David Henninger stated that “Our goal is to help facilitate travel and make it a little better”.

He also compared the services of his company with the apps like GrubHub and Postmates, to which the consumers are addicted outside the confines of an airport.

He added, passengers may have a lot of questions in their mind like about, when the plane is going to leave or whether they got time to do all this and more.

Airport Sherpa was first to launch, and company co-founder Patrick Della Valle said the July 11 rollout went smoothly.

Company co-founder Patrick Della Valle said that Airport Sherpa was the first to launch and its rollout went smoothly.

  • On the 1st day, the app was working with approximately 35 of the restaurants and shops in BWI. That is about half of the total number and every week, peoples are signing day by day.
  • The airport Sherpa promises to provide meals within 15 to 45 minutes, and the app is been programmed to know when the flight is a delay and other information related to it. The app also enables travelers to order food for a week in advance.

Della Valle said Airport Sherpa is partnering with Fraport America, which is recently known as Airmail. It runs the airport’s retail concessions.

  • By the end of 2018, they are going to expand their business to between 10 and 15 other major U.S. airports.
  • Air Sherpa is based on the distance from the vendor to the recipient.

‘AtYourGate’ also plans to provide its services to other U.S. airports by the end of the year or may be six more till next year.

  • The company is promising a delivery time of 30 to 45 minutes. AtYourGate will check with customers to see if they would like delivery to be held until shortly before boarding.
  • The price of delivery will be charged per order. AtYourGate can provide food and retail items from more than one vendor.

A significant difference between AtYourGate and Airport Sherpa is that AtYourGate has partnered with app Grab which already provides mobile order for pickup service at a total of 18 U.S. airports, including the San Diego. To create a distribution order at participating airports, they will need to download the Grab app.

Henry Harteveldt (a Travel technology analyst of Atmosphere Research) said he expects gate delivery services which can be received both by the traveling public and by airport vendors. The delivery mechanism is well controlled for challenging environment of an airport.

He said it will provide a wider variety of eating options to travelers and also conserve time for business travelers who like to get work done during a layover.

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