Which Airline Has Been Voted the Best in the World for the Past 22 Years?

If there is any airline that is continuously holding its position in the World’s Best category of careers for 22 years, then there is no other name except the Singapore Airlines.

The airline has taken the No. 1 spot as the best international airline in this year’s World’s Best Awards. But the most amazing fact is that the airline is succeeded to hold this title continuously for 22 years as per the Travel + Leisure survey.

The readers of Travel + Leisure voted this as the best international airline. Factors like cabin comfort, service, food, customer service, and value are considered under it.

Singapore Airlines is the only company which held this No. 1 spot in any World’s Best category for such a long time span. And the results are totally based on the votes of readers, who give the airline high scores merely due to the offerings like its Premium Economy cabins (quite similar to the facilities of business-class services on other carriers).

Through the Singapore, the premium economy passengers can enjoy spacious legroom of up to 19.5 inches wide and also supports better shoulder room and inbuilt footrests for the comfort and better convenience of the passengers.

In addition to that, the seats can reclines up to 8 inches with a pitch of 38 inches; supports ample legroom. Recently, Singapore Airlines has introduced ‘HIGHFLYER which is a new business loyalty programme for the employees of small and medium-sized enterprises.

In the flights of Singapore Airlines, Passengers of the premium economy can avail seats with 2 USB ports, priority treatment from check-in to boarding, noise-cancelling headphones and nifty amenities that include a cocktail table.

Along with these luxuries amenities, you can also get join to the first class offerings, including 35-inch-wide seats made of full-grain leather and these can transform into fully-flat beds. Curved privacy partitions are also built into the seats on board the new Boeing 777-300ER aircraft of Singapore Airlines.

Coming to the food and the menu items, it includes the steak baked in a steam oven and more stuff like that. In addition to these, passengers can also get access to the Singapore Airlines’ airport lounges which serve you stuff like Singapore Sling cocktails and traditional Singaporean meals.

The airlines also use a pressurized tasting room which ensures their meals to taste as good at an elevation of 30,000 feet as they would on the ground as the way cabin pressure changes can affect how you perceive taste.