A Complete Guide of Air Bubble And Vande Bharat Mission Flight Booking Procedure

“Transport Bubbles” are arrangements of flights for commercial travelers between the countries to resume the travel after the global pandemic.

Now there are many doubts such as how to book these flights, will you be allowed to travel on these flights, and How to register for these flights, is there any approval required to travel to India.


Air Bubble Transport Information

For Canada:

For air travel service by Indian carriers and Air Canada in between Canada and India following categories of persons are allowed to fly.

India to Canada permitted travelers are: 

  • Stranded Canadian nationals/citizens and foreigners with valid Canadian visa are entitled to enter Canada.
  • Indian nationals with a valid visa are eligible to enter Canada. It is the airlines’ responsibility to check if any travel restriction to Canada for Indian nationals occurs.
  • Seamen of foreign nationalities; Seamen holding Indian passports are subject to clearance from the Ministry of Shipping.

Canada to India permitted travelers are:

  • Stranded Indian nationals.
  • All Overseas Citizen of India holding Canadian passports
  • Foreigners (including diplomats) are eligible to enter India who follows the guidelines of the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) as amended from time to time.

For USA:

Travelers for USA and India can now travel with Indian and US carriers who belong to the following category:

India to USA permitted travelers are:

  • Citizens of US, legal permanent citizens, and foreign nationals with a valid US visa.
  • Indian national holding any type of valid US visa is allowed after clearance by the airlines that there is no travel restriction for Indian nationals to enter USA with that particular visa category before the issue of ticket/ boarding pass.
  • Seamen of foreign nationalities; Seamen holding Indian passports are subject to clearance from the Ministry of Shipping.

USA to India permitted travelers are:

  • Stranded Indian nationals;
  • All Overseas Citizen of India cardholders holding US passports; and
  • Foreigners (including diplomats), who follow the guidelines to enter India under the Ministry of Home Affairs as amended from time to time.

Airlines are selling tickets through their websites, sales agents, and Global Distribution Systems.

Vande Bharat Mission Information:

Launched by the Indian government Vande Bharat Mission is dedicated to bringing Indians back from foreign destinations after the restriction of international flights due to coronavirus outbreak. Currently, phase 4 of this mission is in progress.

Under this process, 637 international flights have been scheduled to give service to 29 airports in India.


1.> Know how you can register for the Vande Bharat Mission flight?

You need to register through your respective embassies and booking can be done on the official website of Air India. Indians stranded will be responsible to pay the specified fare to return home.

  • On the home page click the link of “Apply for Migrant Citizens”.
  • Enter your details such as Email ID and Phone number.
  • A form will be generated you have to fill the complete form and upload the required documents. (Take a printout).

Air India Eligibility Criteria for passengers: Only the following category of people will be allowed to fly with Air India:

  1. Indian nationals with at least a one-year-long visa for these destinations
  2. Green Card and OCI (Overseas Citizen of India) cardholders
  3. Health workers holding a valid permit for travel to destination countries have written permission from the Embassy/High Commission of the destination country.

What are the restrictions on flying on “VBM” (Vande Bharat Mission) and “air bubble” flights?

  • To fly on VBM flights there are no specific restrictions. Eligible travelers need to wait for approval from the airline so that they can travel freely.
  • For the “air bubble” flights, travelers should be holding Indian passport only from their home base country/visa region to India. Thus, United can fly only from the US, BA, or Virgin only from the UK, Lufthansa only from Germany and the EU, Emirates only from the UAE, and so on. To foreign passport holders there is no restriction however on the air bubble flights they can fly a connecting airline to India. Thus, Indian passport holders should fly on Air India or United and not on airlines belonging to a third country.


Is there any formality or form that needs to be filled before the flight?

For VBM flights: Passenger will have to get approval from the India High Commission (IHC) to travel on these flights.

Whether flying with an air bubble or VBM, there is a form that is a must to fill before the flight to India. It is the “Air Suvidha Self Reporting Form” which needs to be filled not less than 72 hours before departure. In some hours you will receive the approval from them that is required for your entry into Indian airport.

Another form that you can fill is “Apply for Exemption” form. This form is required only if you don’t want to be free from institutional quarantine. As per the government orders, every passenger has to undergo 14 days quarantine in which 7 days are institutional and another 7 days is home quarantine. Those who want to avoid institutional quarantine can fill this form.

This is the information provided best of our knowledge. As the rules and guidelines are changed from time to time so it is your duty to stay updated before you book your flight.


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