World’s 2017 Best Low-Cost Airlines Revealed – SPICEJET On The Top

Skytrax has revealed its listing for the top 20 low-cost budget flights for the year 2017. Here we are discussing the best low-cost airlines of this year. Skytrax is a UK – based consultancy which runs an airline and airport review and ranking site.

No.1: SpiceJet, India

SpiceJet is an Indian Airline which operates more than 300 flights to 55 destinations. The amazing fact attached to the airline is that in the year 2014, it was forced to cancel 2000 flights because it couldn’t afford to pay for oil. The situation changes after Chairman Ajay Sigh took over and it’s now the third largest carrier in the country.

No.2: AirAsia, Malaysia

AirAsia is succeeded to get a place in the listing of world’s best low-cost airline for the 9th year running. The airline serves to more than 120 destinations in 26 countries across Asia.

No.3: Norwegian Air, Norway

When it comes to the best long-haul low-cost airline and best low-cost airline in Europe, no name came to mind before NORWEGIAN AIR. Being on the 3rd spot, the airline delivers its services to more than 100 destinations throughout Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East and the USA.

No.4: JetBlue Airways, USA

The friendly service, satellite TV, and free snacks have helped the airline to raise the standards of low-cost carriers in the US. Being serving to more than 102 destinations across North, Central and South America, JetBlue is one of the best low-cost airlines in the US.

No.5: EasyJet, UK

Being the 2nd largest airline in Europe in terms of a number of passengers, EasyJet serves more than 73 million people on annual basis. It flies to more than 100 destinations throughout Europe and North Africa.

No.6: Virgin America, USA

Virgin America is the 2nd airline of America to be on this list after JetBlue. The airline is known for its top-notch service at an affordable price. In addition to that, the airline also features power outlets, Wi-Fi, leather seats and video touchscreens in every seatback.

No.7: Jet Star Airways, Australia

Jet Star Airways is known as Australia’s no 1 low fares Airline and this Melbourne based airline holds the seventh position in this ranking.

No.8: AirAsia X, Malaysia

The airline supports more than 19 million passengers and currently serves 23 destinations.

No.9: Azul Linhas Aereas Brasileiras, Brazil

This Brazilian airline supports a fleet of 125 jets now to around 100 destinations.

No.10: Southwest Airlines, USA

Southwest Airline is considered as one of the world’s largest low-cost carrier and supports more than 700 Boeing, 737 jets and operates more than 4000 flights a day in peak season.

No.11: Indigo, India

The next Indian airline on this list is the Delhi based IndiGo Airline which is at present, the largest airline in the country. Being one of the fastest growing aviation companies in Asia, the airline flies to over 46 destinations.

No.12: WestJet, Canada

Being the second largest carrier in Canada, WestJet was originally a small regional airline and now flies to more than 100 destinations.

No.13: Scoot, Singapore

Being launched in the year 2012, Scoot is owned by Singapore Airlines. It offers an extra legroom and leather seats.

No.14: Jetstar Asia, Singapore

Another Singapore Airline in this listing is the Jetstar Asia which travels to around 100 destinations across India, China, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, and many other destinations.

No.15: Eurowings, Germany

This German low budget carrier serves to more than 150 destinations throughout Europe as well as Thailand and South Africa.

No.16: Ryan air, Ireland

Ryan air is Europe’s largest airline in terms of passenger numbers. This Dublin based airline serves 34 countries throughout the continent as well as Morocco and Israel.

No.17: Vueling Airlines, Spain

This is the Spain’s second largest carrier and serves its services to more than 160 destinations throughout Europe, Africa, and Asia. This company offers three fares: basic, optima and excellence.

No.18: Tigerair, Singapore

Tiger air Singapore is voted as the 18th best low-cost airline in the world. Being merged with Scott in July 2017, it is operated by the same name now.

No.19: Peach, Japan

This Japanese based airline operates 14 domestic routes and flies to 15 international destinations.

No.20: Air Canada Rouge, Canada

Air Canada Rouge is a low-cost subsidiary of Air Canada. Being operated in 2013 with 4 aircrafts only, the airline serves a total of 49 destinations including Canada, Europe, US and more.


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