What Everybody Ought to know about Patiala

Patiala (Royal City of Punjab) Shahi Sheher is all about Punjabi Culture, Historical Places, Traditional food and Cultural Fests. Get the colourful instinct of this diversified city.

Best of Patiala is about 6 P’s :

Patiala Shahi Turban (Customary headwear based on cloth winding)

Punjabi Jutti (Hand Stitched ethnic footwear of punjab)

Paranda (Decoration for braid tassel)

Patiala Peg (Popular measure of liquor)

Phulkari (Handmade floral work cloth)

Patiala suits (Traditional outfit of city)

Here’s the list of several places which you are obliged to visit during your trip in Patiala :

10 seconds guide to the post :

  • Places to visit (Timings, Fare and Photography in permission)
  • Markets for Shopping
  • Food Outlets
  • Major P’s of Patiala
  • FAQ

Gurudwara Shri Dukhniwaran Sahib:

Seek the blessings of Guru Granth Sahib at this holy place. Dukhniwaran means the eradicator of the suffering. Devotees have a strong faith in the healing powers of water in sarovar attached to the shrine of Gurudwara Sahib. People across the country come to visit this holy place every year.


Qila Mubarak :

Located in the center of the city, this ancient fort holds its prominence. Initially, it was Patiala’s King Palace where he used to live with his 365 queen’s and is built in an architectural style that has now become a historical place to visit for its visitors.This place has a museum too.

  • An interesting thing about this place is that there is a myth regarding the holy flame burning inside this fort that once it stopped burning, Patiala will come to an end either with water or by fire.
  • There’s also an ancient cannon that was being used by the king at the time of war.
Tourist’s Guide :

Timings : 9 am to 5 pm

Photography : Allowed

Ticket charges : 5-10 rupees

Days to visit : all days except monday


Sheesh Mahal :

It was another residential area for the king which was built in 1847.

  • The whole building is made in an architectural style and has a mirror/glass work in it.
  • There’s this famous bridge built on an artificial lake in the center of the building, popularly known as ‘Lakshman Jhoola’.
  • Every year Cultural fair is being held here in which all the Indian states have their stalls in it.
  • Also, there is a museum inside it in which there are weapons that were being used in the war of 1947.
Tourist’s Guide :

Days to visit : all days except monday

Ticket Charges : Free

Photography : Allowed

Timings : 10 am to 5 pm


Deer Park :

If you are an animal lover, then it’s a must-visit place for you as it’s all about wildlife. Animals ranging from monkeys to Ostrich are being found here. People usually come here with family or friends as it is a good hangout place with a serene natural touch.

Tourist’s Guide:

Timings : 9 am to 5 pm

Days to visit : all days except monday

Ticket charges : 20 rupees

Photography : Allowed


Kali mata mandir :

If you love  religious spots, then kali Mata mandir is a must-visit as it is one of the oldest temples in Patiala and holds the utmost importance. People from around the globe pay a visit here.

  • Local people are of the belief that whatever we wish here gets fulfilled.

Best time to visit : 5 am to 9 pm


Baradari Gardens :

The temple is surrounded by  beautiful gardens. People come along with their families or kids in the evening  as there are many swings. Mostly, this place is known for picnics and regular family hangouts. If you are a nature lover, then it’s not to be missed.

Best time to visit : 5 am to 11:55 pm


Fun World :

Awake that sleeping monster inside you and get ready for the thrilling adventure. Fun World is a place where you can enjoy water rides along with the haunted house. Water dance, water rides, and other breathtaking rides are must try to add spice in your otherwise boring life. Pack your bags and get Cheap Fly Deals to India exclusively this year.

Tourist’s Guide:

Timings : 11 am to 8 pm

Ticket Charges : 700 rupees

Days to visit : All days


Leela Bhawan : A perfect Joint for tourists as it has shopping places, cafes and restaurants all together. It is very crowded in the evening as it is one of the best places for hangout and stroll in patiala.


Omaxe Mall :

It is the largest mall in Patiala as it has all the Brand Outlets ranging from Reliance Trends to United Colors of Benetton. Apart from shopping outlets, it has eating ventures, Big Bazaar and Tattoo shops too. On the top floor, There is a cinema hall known as SRS Cinemas with different movies screening on 4 different screens.


Fountain Chowk :

It is one of the famous chowk in patiala with a fountain in the center. It divides roads into many sides and is considered as the entry point of patiala city.


Moti Bagh Palace :

It was made by the Great GrandFather of the king of Patiala. Moti stands for Pearl and Bagh stands for Garden, So it is also known as the Pearl Garden. The Palace has Indian And European Architectural Features and attracts the tourists with its architecture.

 Tourist Guide :

Timings : 9 am to 5 pm

Days to visit : All days except Monday

Photography : Allowed

Gedi Route –  The route from YPS chowk to 22 no. Phatak is famous as the gedi route of Patiala which is crowded in the evening time as it is the popular strolling place for the people living there.

  • Eating ventures and shopping outlets are considered prominent here.
  • Strolling here and trying different food places will definitely make your evening interesting.

Shop your heart out in the Markets of Patiala :

Fort Market : Patiala is known for its enrich collection of Punjabi Jutti (Handmade Footwear). Fort market is a place where you can find as many outlets of Punjabi Jutti and things related to Punjabi Culture. So, What are you waiting for? Book your tickets and flights to India now.

AC Market : It’s a shopping complex that is fully air-conditioned. It has all the variety ranging from Local brands to International brands. It is known for Party wear traditional outfits for ladies like Lehengas, Sarees, Phulkari and so on.

Adalat Bazaar – For Traditional shopping : It is the popular market for buying Punjabi Jutti, Paranda, Patiala Shahi Turban and Punjabi Suits. You can find countless varieties of Punjabi suits and Jutti over here. It is also known for its Bridal wear and Jewellery.

Foodies, Get ready for the mouth watering rolla costa.

Here we go:

Appetizing Chole Bhature :

One of the prominent and most eaten foods in Patiala is Chole Bhature. It is Spicy Chickpeas Curry Served with Leavened Fried Bread. It is available at almost every food outlet in Patiala.

Location : Gopal Sweets, 22 no. Phatak


Finger-licking Makki di roti :

Punjab is all about having good stomach fat. Embrace your taste buds with the delicious Makki di roti, Sarso da saag, lots of butter and lassi. It is the regional food of patiala and is considered very healthy.

  • Location : Nagpal Restaurant,Fountain chowk


Parontha Market : This venture is all about different varieties of Parathas as they serve almost 50 types of parathas. The best part of this venture is that it is open 24 hours. The speciality of the market is Egg Paratha. It serves Parathas at the most reasonable prices and is considered one of the best paratha serving ventures in patiala.


Chawla’s Chicken :

Punjabi’s are known for their love for chicken and this is probably the Best Chicken Serving Venture in the City which serves a variety of chicken from Creamery to Tandoori. Which will astonish you with its unique serving style and taste.

Location : Urban Estate, Near Punjabi University


Manu Lassi : Lassi is basically a popular traditional yogurt based drink which is widely sold in Punjab. This outlet provides you with varieties of lassi including both sweet and sour. The prices are worth the taste. The most loved flavor amongst all is the Mango Lassi.

Location :  Tripuri


Bombay Pav Bhaji :Spicy and sour, Isn’t it a necessary combo for the mouth-watering pav bhaji? Probably, the best venture for pav bhaji in Patiala if you have next-level love for species.

  • Location : Qila chowk, centre of the city.


Madrasi Dosa :

If you love south Indian dishes, then this venture is a must-try as it serves the best dosa in the city. There are a variety of dosa along with other south Indian dishes like idli, uttapam. The best part of it is the live kitchen so we can see the making process too.

  • Location : Sheran wala Gate


Ambala chat bhandar :Panipuri lovers it’s for you. The specialty of this venture is they serve 7 different types of panipuri waters. It’s a must-try because the taste will keep reminiscing you about the venture over and over again.

  • Location : YPS chowk


Kumar Soup :Health freaks, Soup lovers or Geek eaters, in whatever definition you fit in, This venture is a must-try as it serves 30+ varieties of soups ranging from veg to non-veg.

  • Location : Below the famous 22no. bridge.


Apart from that, Patiala is known for its pilgrimage places as people here are very much into the religious stuff. Pay a visit, it will be a remarkable journey.


1>> How to reach patiala?

You can get a flight to Indira Gandhi International Airport Delhi & Chandigarh Airport, afterwards you can travel via train,bus or car.

2>> Is patiala open at night?

No, Patiala gets close at 11pm, only a few things are open 24*7.

3>> Is there a need to learn different languages to visit patiala?

No, People here can speak and understand english.

4>> How many days does it take to explore the whole patiala?

It can take upto 5-6 days to cover all the important places and things in patiala.

5>> Where can you stay during your visit to patiala?

There are lots of hotels like Eqbal inn, Clarion inn and many more which are probably the best in the city. Elsewise, You can get an OYO room as well.

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