Visit the best of Ahmedabad with the best of foods and places!

Ahmedabad has surely become a prominent metropolis and changed from the time of Sultan Ahmed Shah, but then there is something that hasn’t changed about it, which is its charm. The city has remained an important seat no matter which era we talk of and has always been the heartbeat of western India. We see a wonderful mixture of old and new Ahmedabad today and it indeed does keep things interesting for the tourists. Be it the grand Jumma Masjid or the Adalaj Step, be it the incredible latticework or the pols. Well everything has a story to tell. This article will provide you with insight into some of the best places that brings you a step closer to the real Ahmedabad.

  1. The Jumma Masjid or Jama Masjid:

Situated on Mahatma Gandhi Road in Ahmedabad, it is one of the finest architectural specimens found in the city. In the year 1423, this mosque was built by Sultan Ahmed Shah also known as Jama Masjid, which was made to render the Muslim devotees a place to say their Friday prayers. The belief is that this yellow sandstone mosque was built using pieces from the vandalized Jain and Hindu temples. Covered with intricate carvings, the mosque has 260 pillars and the covered with intricate carvings and shrine’s interior is illuminated by natural lights that filter through latticework screens.

  1. Siddi Sayed Mosque:

One of the most photographed monuments in Ahmedabad is Siddi Sayed Mosque. Situated in the northeast corner of Bhadra Fort, it is famed for its latticework over the yellow sandstone. Highlighting feature of this mosque is the twin jails on the western wall that is depicting intertwining of tree branches. The carving has been done with excellent delicacy and is well appreciated.

  1. Sabarmati Ashram:

Sabarmati Ashram is a Spartan colony of tiled houses in Ahmedabad which is dubbed as the second home of Mahatma Gandhi. It is considered that it was from here Gandhi orchestrated the final struggle of independence and that is why this place has a historical importance. One can also see his cottage called the Hriday Ashram, very well-maintained by the authority. Gandhi’s personal items like round eyeglasses, books, wooden slippers, and letters can still be witnessed there.

  1. Teen Darwaza:

The Teen Darwaza (Triple Gateway) was the entrance to the Royal Square or Maidan Shahi situated southeast of the Bhadra Fort, where the polo games and royal processions were once held. The Teen Darwaza straddles the road, loaded with shops selling block prints, other small items and silverware.

  1. Kankaria Lake:

Kankaria Lake is located in the southern part of the city, reckoned to be the largest lake in Ahmedabad. The lakefront has been developed into an entertainment zone as it has features like a water rides, toy train, zoo, tethered balloon ride, , food stalls, water parks, with various other entertainment facilities as the lake is an ideal picnic spot for families. Each year even a week-long festival is celebrated here in the last week of December.


Best resorts in Ahmedabad:

  1. Palm Green Club:

Palm Green Club’s prime location just on the edge of Ahmedabad and it is a place where you can have a fun outing. To entertain its PGC members, there is a private movie theater with latest releases. Among people of every age group, a plethora of indoor and outdoor activities make it a popular choice.

  1. Gulmohar Greens Golf and Country Club Ltd:

Gulmohar Greens impresses many as it is a beautiful golf club. Its Expansive golf course, lush green lawns, and plush accommodation beautiful interiors decorate its 75 acres of land qualifying as the one of the largest resorts near Ahmedabad. The commuting hassles are next to nothing since it is so close to Ahmedabad. Have a relaxing weekend with your family or enjoy a golf getaway with your buddies but you will never be disappointed.

  1. Club Kensville Golf Resort:

Dedicated to golf and golfers, it is a resort near Ahmedabad. Its highly trained caddy and plush accommodations will make your golfing getaway worth a while and that too in a resort near Ahmedabad. Due to it being set in tranquil environment, it is a place where you will feel utmost relaxation and serenity, the price of which wouldn’t burn hole in your pocket.

  1. Shanku’s Water World Resort:

A concept resort near Ahmedabad a great place to be at with your children which is known as Shanku’s Water World Resort. Teamed with a water park and slides to indulge in with your family and loved ones, it has some amazing water activities. Mughal cottages, deluxe rooms, and Suites are a variety of accommodations add to its popularity of being the best resort near Ahmedabad for children and fun-lovers.

  1. Madhubhan Resorts and Spa:

A new favorite spot for destination wedding these days, it is a magnificent resort. With various types of classy interiors, niche decorations and a staff which is hospitable, it is full of elaborate designs. You will fall in love with everything in this resort. Expansive lawns and pool just a step away from the backyard of your hotel room, which is the best part.


Best places to eat in Ahmedabad:

  1. Agashiye:

Agashiye offers the very best of fine dining in the middle of the old town, located on the rooftop of a beautiful Indo-Baroque heritage mansion dating from the 1920s known as the House of MG. The place does not have a menu in the traditional sense. Constituting with Thali, attentive waiters keep bringing a succession of delicious vegetarian Gujarati food to the table which together.

  1. Swati Snacks:

In offering the most authentic and traditional Gujarati food in town, Swati Snacks does a tremendous job. Among local residents and visitors alik, this restaurant is very popular, who come here to experience a top class Gujarati traditional food. The daal bati, dhokla tasty patra, and the handvo, are must tries in the menu.

  1. Vishala:

In an open air restaurant setting, Vishala is a haven of relaxation, peace and wholesome food. Providing an accurate reflection of traditional Indian village life, it is both in design of the place where guests sit on mud floors and in the warm, respectful and hospitable way waiters treat their guests.

  1. The Eatery:

The Eatery is a multi-cuisine restaurant located in the luxury Four Points by Sheraton Hotel. It offers a variety of quick bites, good coffee and tasty meals in a casual setting. The most famous it is for is its breakfast buffet. Including many delicious from continental treats along with every Gujarati delicacy, the buffet is extensive.

  1. Moti Mahal:

Moti Mahal will delight any food lover’s taste buds which is an absolute favourite for Mughlai food. The restaurant is so popular that waiting lines can be long even on weekdays, which is located right in the heart of the city near Ahmedabad’s railway station. Biryani mutton and foil chicken are must tries in this non-vegetarian paradise as the food is definitely worth the wait.