Dr. Dao has become quite a popular name these days. After the incident of his forceful removal from the United Airlines when he refused to give up his seat takes place, it grabs everyone’s attention and sympathy for Dr. Dao too.

Dao was one of the four passengers who were randomly selected to get off the plane on Sunday from O’Hare International Airport in order to make space for United flight crew members who need to get to an assignment.

Things go out of hand when Dao refuse to give his seat and in regards to that, the United sent the Chicago Aviation police officers to remove him from the plane. The 69 years old physician was dragged out of the plane with a bloodied face on his back. All this make other passengers upset.

In response to this incident, the CEO of United Airlines; Oscar Munoz has sent a semi-apology but also added that Dr. Dao had been Belligerent. His statement caused an uproar, to which he added, “No one should ever be mistreated this way.” He assured that the airlines will take care that no such incident would take place in future ever and all the passengers would get a refund equal to the amount of their ticket. He also justifies that he and the airlines tried to call Dr. David Dao several times to apologize but neither he nor his family receives their calls.

On the other side, in a news conference; Demetrio said that Dr. Dao is well now but he needs a reconstructive surgery. He also gives an indication that Dao is in a mood to sue United Airlines and that for way too long. He added, “I hope he becomes a poster child for all of us.”

CBS News reported that after this incident, United Airlines and its other rival airlines have changed their policies in the last few days.

United Airlines confirms that they will no longer allow the crew members to displace customers already on a plane.

In relation to this only, the Delta Airlines also take a step ahead but has not promised anything, just confirms that it will offer up to $10,000 to entice someone to give up a seat, while the American Airlines promises that it will never bump a passenger once the passenger is seated.

Strangely, the law permits the air carriers to overbook flights. That means they actually can sell more tickets than they have seats for. All this clearly is beneficial for the airlines, but yes it is quite uncomfortable for the passengers.