Things To Keep Yourself Busy With On A Plane

Planning on going on a long flight but anxious about the long haul and the seemingly never ending flight, well worry no more as help is at hand. We bring to you a list of top ten things to do on a flight to keep yourself entertained, unless of course you were planning to sleep the whole flight away.


Well here is our list of the ten things to do on a flight:

Watch the inflight entertainment

Seems obvious right, well why not take advantage of the free time at your disposal and catch up on the movies you have missed out on. Whether you have a screen in your seat, or you share the overhead screen with others, watch the movie that is being played. It is the most entertaining way to keep you distracted and three movie hours will fly away in no time!


Bring along a book, magazine, a novel or your e-reader, even a newspaper will do. Even though you might not be an enthusiastic reader, believe me, once you open a book on a plane, it will catch your interest and become a page turner, and you’ll be halfway through it before you know it.

Use the Wi-Fi on-board

Most flights these days have the facility of providing Wi-Fi to its long haul passengers. Make use of this and catch up with your friends or on some pending work, or simply wile away your time doing mindless net surfing.

Make full use of inflight entertainment

It does not just mean watching movies, but there are plenty other options to choose from. You may watch TV shows, documentaries or other videos. You may also opt to follow the inflight map and know where you are and get information regarding the places flying over and of your destination. You may also choose to listen to endless number of music videos, with large song selection options available.


It might sound silly, but why not stretch your legs and take a walk. It is a very good exercise and a great way to pass away your time. And you never know, you might meet someone interesting and strike a great conversation.


Bring out your inner child with this fantastic entertainer. Take along some sketch pad or notebooks or even a colouring book and pencils and colours. Express your creativity in different ways. Discover the inner artist in you and pass your time in a riot of colour.

Play games

Most flights provide games, such as Sudoku, crosswords and other puzzle games. They are a great way to kill time and you might make friends with your neighbour too. Another great option is to bring playing cards along with you to pass away the time.

Get to know your neighbour

Strike a conversation with your neighbour. Maybe you both are going to the same place, they might be natives of your travel destination and may give you great inputs on where to go, what to see, where to eat and so on.

Bring along your Nintendo DS, PSP or any other electronic gaming console

These can offer you plenty of hours of fun. Do not forget to bring their charger along. Play your time away, bring out your inner child and your competitive streak, involve your neighbour and have matches with him.


Once the food and drinks start being served, eat and drink your time away. Do not be afraid to try out the different cuisines and drink options available on-board. Draw out the simple pleasure of eating slowly and savouring every morsel.

So these are some of the suggestions to try out on your next journey and rest assured you will not get bored.



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