These Wonderful Adventurous Destinations In USA Will Give You A New Year Travel Inspiration!

Do you like to travel? If yes then have you ever thought why? Travelling satisfies your soul with another level of contentment. Most of the people travel for adventure. Travelling to thrilling places is like a feed for adventurous people. So this time I have come up with the top thrilling places to visit in the USA that you have never heard of. However, the number of adventurous places in India is not less but being an Indian you want to explore the other countries as well. In this case USA is the best choice. You can easily get flights to the USA and then return flights from USA to India. So don’t bother about this and start a new journey. See how surprising this world is and you are unaware of it.

Traveling in these places COVID-19 safety protocols, that allow people to travel safely. Please be sure to wear a mask and maintain social distancing due to coronavirus.

Big Sur, California   

Do you have Italian Riviera in your bucket list? See the Santa Lucia Mountains rise alongside an amazing coastline with eyes stunning beaches. This is not enough description of this place; you will see the occasional waterfall that plunges to the sand. This epically beautiful place of California coast is also called the “American Riviera,” Big Sur is one of America’s most stunning tourist destinations. You can take the scenic drive down Highway One from San Francisco to discover why this region is an inspiration for so many writers, artists, and poets. Its dreamlike beauty catches everyone’s mind, heart, and eyes.

Best time to go Big Sur California

September to November is the best time to visit Big Sur.

Why Big Sur California is famous for?

Big Sur is considered as the longest and most scenic stretch of undeveloped coastline in the United States. Besides that, it is a “national treasure that demands extraordinary procedures to protect it from development”. It is one of the most beautiful coastlines anywhere in the world.

What kind of coastline is Big Sur?

It is a 90-mile stretch of rugged and awesomely beautiful coastline between Carmel to the north and San Simeon (Hearst Castle) to the south.

Aleutian Islands, Alaska

If you are looking for beaches and sunshine then the Aleutian Islands aren’t for you! Yes, you heard right these are ideal for the travelers exploring nature in one of the most remote places in Alaska. Wildlife here will your soul. Besides that, you will find a harsh climate, stormy seas, and active volcanoes at this place. You will not find a place that will make you feel more remote. The wonderful and weird thing about this island is that you’ll see more animals than people. Hence if you are a wildlife watcher or lover then Aleutians will be an experience of a lifetime for you. This island gives you the opportunities of viewing rarely-seen creatures among the dramatic natural backdrops. Birders from all around the world come here to add unique species to their “life lists.” This place doesn’t disappoint marine lovers. You will see marine mammals surrounding water. It includes grey, humpback, orca and sperm whales as well as seals, sea lions, and walrus.

Best time to go Aleutian Islands, Alaska?

July is a choice time to visit Alaska. At this time wildlife is fully active; all trails accessible, long days and Alaska’s warmest average temperatures.

Why the Aleutian Islands are famous for?

Aleutian Islands are a top tourist attraction for adventure travellers. It is primarily characterized by beauty and hostility. It is a barren, windswept and violent place. Over two dozen volcanoes are active or were active in the last 250 years on this planet.

Culebra, Puerto Rico

Have you ever dreamt about going Fiji (country in south pacific with more than 300 islands)? Yes? Great but you aren’t able to venture that far. Don’t be sad because Culebra offers the ideal tropical destination for you in a U.S. territory a bit closer to the mainland. Furthermore, its beaches rival that of those found in the South Pacific. It is located 20 miles from the main island of Puerto Rico. But you should know one thing that Culebra is a relatively undiscovered location with a lack of large hotels, shopping and chain restaurants. You will be unhappy to know that nightlife isn’t that good on this 7-mile long island. But yes you will easily spot leatherback turtles and the giant Culebra anole here.

Best time to go Culebra, Puerto Rico?

The best time to visit Puerto Rico is from mid of April to June. You should visit right after the busy winter season and before the rainy summer season.

Why Culebra, Puerto Rico is famous for?

Culebra Island is also known as “snake island”, “Isla Chiquita” (Small Island) and “Ultima Virgen” (last virgin) because of its position at the end of the Virgin Islands archipelago.

This island has a rich ancient history, rich culture, beautiful colonial architecture, perfect weather, fun attractions, and warm people.

It is known as one of Puerto Rico’s gems.

Great Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado

The most exotic place for hiking is in the United States is Colorado’s Great Sand Dunes National Park. It is between the Sangre de Cristo Mountains and the San Juan Mountains. In simple words, these unique landforms are the tallest dunes in the country. They rise to over 700 feet in height. Travellers who dare to hike to the top are rewarded with panoramic views of nearly endless dunes. America’s highest sandbox offers the travellers a chance to try out sand-boarding and sand-sledding. In addition to that this place has high elevation and frequently clear skies. Because of this, it is an incredible place for stargazing.

Best time to go to Sand Dunes National Park?

You should visit this national park during National Park Week in April. At this time entrance is free to all.

Otherwise, Park’s entrance fee is $3 per adult for the age of 16 and up. It is free for children ages less than 15.

Why Sand Dunes National Park is famous for?

Sand Dunes Park is established as a national monument in 1932 to protect it from gold mining and the potential of a concrete manufacturing business.

This park contains the tallest dunes in North America.

Leavenworth, Washington 

You must have heard about this beautiful place. Leavenworth is on the eastern edge of Washington State’s Cascade Mountains. It is a Bavarian village that is now converted into a virtual snow globe of Christmas magic during the holidays. It is a Bavarian-styled village in the Cascade Mountains and Dubbed the “Bavarian snow globe”. Leavenworth was turned into a replica German village in 1960. It was done to promote tourism. The place is very famous in December especially. Here Christmas is celebrated all month long and German holiday traditions in full swing. You will see the annual Christmas Lighting Festival featured with plenty of old fashioned caroling.

Best time to go Leavenworth?

October is the best time to go to Leavenworth. If you love to drink beer in a beautiful setting make sure to visit from October 5 to October 10

Why Leavenworth is famous for?

This town is almost turned into a ghost town. For decades, Leavenworth is considered a top tourist destination in the Pacific Northwest. Every year more than a million tourists walk through these streets.

Grand Canyon

“Grand” doesn’t do justice with canyon. Grand Canyon measures approximately 277 river miles in length, up to 18 miles in width and a mile deep. This massive dimension in northern Arizona is truly a natural wonder. The Grand Canyon has expanded with the help of the mighty Colorado River, and for centuries for six million years. This park is Managed by the National Park Service and officially designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site. The Grand Canyon surprises approximately 6 million visitors per year awestruck.

Best time to go Grand Canyon?

The best times to visit the Grand Canyon are March, May, September and November. At this time daytime temperatures are cool and the crowds are less.

Why Grand Canyon is famous for?

Grand Canyon is one of the world’s natural wonders. The iconic Grand Canyon draws attention from visitors perched at the edge of its towering cliffs. It is carved by the copper-colored Colorado River. The layers of colorful rock record billions of years of history and hide many unique species.


1>>Which are the top adventurous places in USA?

  • Big Sur, California
  • Aleutian Islands
  • Culebra, Puerto Rico
  • Yosemite National Park, California
  • The Pacific Coast Highway, California
  • Boulder, Colorado
  • Kauai, HI

2>>Which are the top tourist attractions of USA?

  • Grand Canyon
  • Niagara Falls
  • Statue of Liberty
  • White House
  • Yellowstone National Park
  • Times Square
  • Golden Gate Bridge
  • Las Vegas Strip

3>>What are the Most Incredible Things to do in the USA?

  • Drive the Pacific Coast Highway, California
  • Celebrate life with a drink in Napa Valley, California
  • Eat Mexican food in San Diego, California
  • Cross the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, California
  • Take a Hollywood Walk of Fame, Los Angeles, California

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