The Much Awaited British Airways’ Free Upgrade Is Back!

British Airways once again has spread its magic with ever popular promotion strategy for ‘Business Class Passengers’. Those who are British Airways customers who book a Club World (business class) seat for travel between September 7 and December 11, 2016, will have the opportunity to upgrade to First one-way Free to complete their dream into reality and a lot simpler. Passengers flying Club World will get a free upgrade one-way with the airline as long as the meet its qualifying criteria.

Sara Dunham, British Airways’ head of marketing, retail and direct said in a statement that whenever we launch this kind of promotion like free upgrade to first, we get huge and pleasant reactions from our passengers. And that to without paying any additional cost. Passengers will get all kind of additional benefits of our first class, e.g. all access to premium lounges and the comfortable suites, followed by in flight personalised services.
We think It’s a really nice gesture for us to reward our customers and we feel its just a small gesture of gratitude for their trust and loyalty.

Popular named Business Class which is also termed as Club World for long-haul British Airways flights, come with a full lie flat seat, a personal wide-screen TV and well-respected in flight service. In 2014, British Airways was ranked in top 10 of best international business class experiences by Skift .

First class contribute the services to passengers once on-board, the sophisticated cabin they can settle into their suite with its 6 ft, 6 inch bed, personal blinds and wardrobe and experience a personalised service, complete with a gourmet menu, fine wines, and champagne. There is also a snack bar, where guests can also have a food and drinks as per their choice throughout the flight. You’ll also be fast tracked through security.

Over the Past two years British Airways, very aggressively is marketing its premium cabins, as in aviation industry is now focussing more on selling these business and first class seats and cabins. Rather than flying empty Airlines are giving free upgrades. Currently in this competition era of pricing, many airlines are even comparing their business class prices with economy class fares. For example, the airline launched its $2,000 business-class ticket from the U.S. to Europe whereas the economy class cost is $1,500.