‘Etihad’s New Exploration’ One Step Forward For Young Passengers

Etihad has a great reputation for their services, once again they are in the race to serve their best to the valuable customer. Etihad’s efforts and exploration for young passengers, offering a variety of activities and meal items and comes with positive aims to serve a sense of excitement and a great experience during their journey.


This new exploration packs launched at a beautiful, colorful children’s party, organized by the airline and its Academy famous as ‘State of the art innovation training academy’ in Abu Dhabi.


Etihad offering collectible character bag packs for all inbound flights to Abu Dhabi to the age three to eight-year passengers. This bag pack includes an activity booklet, colors, crayons, card games. Another side on outbound from Abu Dhabi involves a special suitcase board game, which gives benefits to parents and children to play together, with a foam king lion character, colors on postcards, crayons and an easy to carry waterproof travel wallet. Etihad having great agenda and ensures that children will surely be entertained on both journeys.


Another age group nine to thirteen-year-old having the benefits for more exciting and mature activities pack, which would surely involve puzzling and games, like Sudoku, Mazes, lined notes and match the dot games. These packs also serve to their passengers an Abu Dhabi themed pencil case, pencil, dual function bookmark, ruler and a notepad.


Children can also have the benefits for a variety of films, TV programmes, Games and child-friendly albums and CDs, just in special children section named as ‘Just4kids’ section during flight. They can also grab the entertainment system with facilities on the touch screen and/or handset.


In services with Etihad, all passengers with every aircraft are staffed by a Flying Nanny. All nannies are well Trained by the UK’s world renowned Norland College. Etihad Airways introduced the Flying Nannies in September 2013, and now to provide an extra pair of hands and allow parents more personal time while they entertain the children. This new concept for Flying Nanny Kit surely promotes greater bonding and interaction between nanny and child with help of variety and enjoyable range of fun items likes games, pom-poms, flight certificates, tools for magic tricks and face brushing, and a unique way and step of ‘Flying Nanny stamp of approval’ which the nanny can use to reward children during their in-flight performances.


Recently a statement was given by Calum Laming, Etihad Airways’ Vice President: We can understand very well that flying as a family can often prove unsettling for parents and children alike, especially when traveling long-haul. This is the reason we are positively looking for new ways to develop family-friendly products, like the new children’s activity packs so everyone can be fully enjoyable from the moment they board.


Mr. Calum Laming said this is just a positive effort to provide better service and enhanced hospitality to our valued family passengers. This new technique kits will help these talented Nannies with the tools they need to provide our young passengers, and ultimately their parents, with a true entertainment flight.”


Etihad Airways n new kits were created by Milk Jnr’s & Kid works, a UK-headquartered agency those having great names of engaging in creating kids activity packs for some of the world’s biggest family brands, in partnership with EtihadAirways’ Flying Nannies and product development team.


With a positive motive of  Etihad Airways’ ongoing commitment to ensuring all customers enjoy a truly exceptional hospitality experience with lifetime memories and soon a new Children’s menu will be launched in December focusing on healthy choices for younger tots.