The 7 Best Places to Celebrate New Years Eve in America!

As the New Year is arriving and everyone is planning hard for New Year eve, you should also make preparations to welcome New Year in style. Whether you want to celebrate new year eve with your friends, family or just want to get lost in the festivities, there are plenty of options and places in the USA where you can enjoy the festive spirit and can party till you drop.

New York

One of the most happening city and hot favorite destination of all the party lovers, New York has plenty of things and places to explore. The most famous Times Square is the major attraction of the city and best place to ring New Year with other fellow party animals. If you are not interested in that then you can check into any night club of the city as dance to the blues away on tunes of many popular DJs. It will be a lifetime experience and you won’t forget it easily.


Other than New York another hot favorite destination is Honolulu, Hawaii, which is famous for its beaches and fireworks which burst over beaches. This destination is very popular with families. So if you are on family vacation or you want to usher into the new year with your family and your kids love fireworks then this the place to be on new year eve. Among these attractions other famous attractions in Hawaii are the beer garden and food trucks where you can find a plethora of food. Nobody will be bored as this place is full of entertainment, apart from beach parties, there are many clubs and discos where you can have a gala time with some of the hottest DJs.

Los Angeles

When we talk about fun and parties, how can we forget Los Angeles? LA is house to many Hollywood Celebs, so you can just imagine the party scene of this town. However, you have to make advance bookings to any club or disco for the party as they are always a house full for very obvious reasons. If you don’t get any place to party then don’t be sad as here in Hollywood, you can visit the annual Cleopatra’s New Year Eve Ball, where a DJ is always ready to make you dance to his tunes.


Chicago, another hot favorite destination for New Year Eve has always plenty of things for everyone. Whether you want a quiet dinner with your loved ones or you want to party hard, it has everything. The food and fireworks are major attractions of Chicago. You will get all kinds of entertainment and fun rides here. The New Year Eve is always special here in Chicago when fireworks over Lake Michigan make a wonderful scenery to eyes. You can spend some cozy moments with your loved ones at Lakeview Terrace. And of course the clubs are always happy to serve you with some great drinks and music.


If you are in Portland, Oregon then you must be aware of the fact that Portland has many places to enjoy city’s nightlife and when it comes to New Year Eve it has lots of things to do. Spend some cozy moments with your loved ones and buddies at any of the pub and discos which are famous for its fine quality drinks and food, and music. The famous Portland Champagne Ball is one of the major places of attractions and an ideal for New Year Eve Party.

Las Vegas

When it comes to partying how can we forget about Las Vegas, which is the actual party hub of the world, where party animals from around the world come for partying. The true festive spirit of the city will never let you get bored. The clubs, casinos, and other party hubs have something for everyone. Food, drinks, and music are always top the list. Many celebrity DJs and music producer from around the world perform here at various clubs and discos.

New Orleans

New Orleans, Louisiana is another hot and happening destination for all the party animals of the world. The famous Jackson Square is the place where you can be part of the biggest party of the town, where live music plays for the whole night. Just grab your drinks and flock this mega party and dance your blues away and welcome the New Year with style. This is the place where the party continues till the wee hours and we assure you that you won’t get tired here!