Singapore Airlines Will Feature A New Children’s Picture Storybook!

A new children’s picture storybook that explores Singapore’s transport system will feature in Singapore Airlines (SIA). The book will be written by author, Matthew Cooper, and illustrated by Hong Kong-based artist, Candice Phang.

  • The book will be released on Singapore’s National Day on 9 August 2018.
  • It will be made available at major bookstores and on as well as the October issue of the SilverKris magazine catalogue.

Entitled Lost in Singapore, the story will take a young boy across Singapore on various modes of transport as he looks for his missing pet parrot. His quest will bring him to locations such as Changi Airport and he will receive help from the Singapore Girl and other friendly characters.

SIA’s spokesperson said Cooper approached the company to support his Endeavour in developing a children’s book featuring Singapore. SIA saw value in his idea as it introduces children to the different modes of transport and attractions in Singapore as the story unfolds. SIA hopes to encourage reading in children and for the reader to discover a love for reading by reading more about Singapore. Cooper will be speaking to various media outlets to promote the book.

Senior vice president sales and marketing of Singapore airlines, Campbell Wilson said, “This is a beautifully-illustrated book and the writing has such a lyrical quality. It introduces young readers to Singapore’s vibrant transport scene and shows them how its national carrier has played a strong role in transforming the country into an aviation hub. I am delighted that Singapore Airlines shares this same belief in the importance of education and supported the production of this book. I could not think of any brand more iconic and inseparable from its home country than Singapore Airlines.”

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