Omicron Updates: Hong Kong Bans Flights from India and 7 Other Countries

The COVID 19 pandemic has made a huge impact on businesses and industries, but the airline and the travel industry is the severely impacted industry of all. Ever since the Coronavirus outbreak, the airline industry has tried everything to revive but all in vain. Recently, when countries opened their borders for international flights, there was a ray of hope that soon everything would be back to normal but this happiness wasn’t long-lasting and a new variant of COVID 19 – ‘Omicron’ struck. The Omicron is forcing countries to cancel flights and shut down borders for international travel.

Hong Kong is among such countries that have closed borders for international flights. Last week Hong Kong Chief Executive, Carrie Lam briefed the media that flights from Australia, Canada, France, India, Pakistan, Philippines, UK and US will not be allowed to land in Hong Kong. Also, persons who have stayed in these countries won’t be allowed to board flights to Hong Kong. Even transit flights from these countries won’t be allowed.

This ban has come into force due to a steep surge in Omicron affected cases in these above-mentioned countries,

So if you are planning to book a flight from USA to India or fights from India to USA via Hong Kong, then please make sure to read local guidelines for both countries to avoid any harassment.

Though the numbers of Omicron-affected patients in India are low if protocols are not followed then there could be dire consequences.