No More 24-Hour Holds for Free by American Airlines Tickets

American Airlines has just announced that passengers will no longer be able to put tickets on hold for twenty-four hours without paying.

They will alternatively have to cancel their booking and put forward a refund request for the ticket, but it must be cancelled within 24 hours from the time of booking. Refunds will not be allowed for those tickets that are booked within 7 days of the travel date.

The change in the policy will come into full effect starting this Friday only for those tickets purchased from American Airlines’ direct call center. Joshua Freed, spokesman for the airline, also added that very shortly the option shall not be visible on the official website for the airline.

This is a move done by American Airlines to bring it at par with the policies of various other airlines in the US. These changes will bring about less confusion amongst the passengers as the policies will be in tune with other carriers.

No US carrier was offering the option to hold tickets for 24 hours, but they did allow for customers to avail refunds with the only condition being that it be done within 24 hours from the time of purchase. The rules laid out by the Department of Transportation are intended to protect the consumer for those that book their ticket in advance of seven days or more.