Newark Liberty International Airport: Terminals, Reviews & Hotels!

Newark Liberty International Airport is originally known as Newark Metropolitan Airport and later widely known as the Newark International Airport. The airport is primary serving Northern New Jersey and the New York metropolitan area.

The Airport was the first major airport in the United States and was the busiest one through the year 2013 in New York-New Jersey metropolitan area in terms of flights. Being the second-largest airport in the world in terms of passenger traffic and largest in the world in terms of total flight operations, the airport handled more than 37 million passengers in the year 2015 and in 2016, it served a record 40 million passengers.

The airport supports over 50 carriers and is the third-largest hub for United Airlines which is the airport’s largest tenant as, during the period of 12 months which ends in July 2014, more than 68% of all passengers were carried by United Airlines.

Newark airport terminals:

There are three passenger terminals at the airport:

TERMINAL A: (Have 29 gates)

The terminal A was completed in the year 1973 and consist four levels in total. The baggage carousels of this terminal are on the 2nd floor and the short-term parking and ramp operations are on the ground floor.

Terminal A supports the operations of domestic and Canadian flights which are served by Jet Blue, Virgin America, Alaska Airlines, Air Canada, Southwest, Air Canada Express, American Airlines, and some United Express.

Talking about the concourses, each terminal has three concourses. The terminal A is divided into concourses A1, A2 and A3. The Terminal A is the only terminal of the airport which has no immigration facilities. Hence the flights arriving from the other countries cannot use Terminal A but some departing international flights may use the terminal.

newark airport terminals

TERMINAL B: (Have 24 gates)

Like the terminal A, terminal B is also completed in the year 1973 and also has four levels. The gates and shops are on the 3rd floor of the terminal B. Having baggage carousels on the 2nd floor, the terminal has an international arrivals lounge on that floor too.

Terminal B supports the operations of foreign carriers and also handles flights to the Caribbean through JetBlue, Delta Airlines, Elite Airways, and Spirit Airlines flights, and some of United’s international flights.

In the year 2008, the Terminal B went through the renovation process in order to increase its capacity for departing passengers and passenger comfort. This process included the expanding and updating the ticketing areas along with building a new departure level for domestic flights and for building new arrivals hall.

TERMINAL C: (Have 68 gates)

The Newark Airport Terminal C was designed by Grad Associates and was completed in the year 1988. The terminal comprises two ticketing levels; one for the international check-in and the other for the domestic check-in. At the time of opening, the Terminal C had 41 gates but now it supports 68 gates in total. At the terminal, the food and shopping outlets are located on a mezzanine level between the two check-in floors.

The Terminal C is exclusively used for United Airlines and its regional carrier United Express.

In the ending of 2014, the airport amenity manager announced a new $120 million renovation plan for the terminal C. This included the installing of 6,000 iPads and 55 new restaurants which are headed by celebrity chefs.


There are the number of options in term of hotels at the airport and travelers all around the world can pick from the following options:

1Newark Liberty International Airport MarriottIt is located on airport grounds with free airport shuttle service at all the terminals.
2Wyndham Garden Newark AirportBeing located 2 minutes away from the airport, Wyndham Garden Newark Airport offers free 24-hour airport shuttle service.
3Best Western Plus Newark Airport WestThis hotel is also located within 3 minutes from the airport and also comes with free 24-hour airport shuttle.
4 Hilton Newark AirportLocated 6 minutes away from the airport, the hotel supports free airport shuttle service.
5 Holiday Inn Newark AirportPassengers can enjoy the free 24-hour airport shuttle services at Holiday Inn Newark Airport which is just 3 minutes away from the airport.


Talking about the lounges, passengers can easily choose from a number of premium lounges available at the airport:



Art & Lounge

Terminal B, Landside, Gate Level, between B2 & B3
2American Airlines Admirals Club, Newark

Terminal A, Airside, near Gates 30 - 39
3United Club
Terminal A2, airside, near Gate 20

Terminal C1, Airside, across from Gate 74

Terminal C2/3, Airside, between Concourses C2 and C3
4Delta Sky ClubTerminal B, Airside, between the Main & Satellite Buildings
5Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge

Terminal A, Airside, before reaching Gates A10-A18

There is also an option of military lounge which is totally free of charge to members of the military and their families



Transportation Facilities:

  • TRAIN:

Passengers can get the benefit of the free monorail system i.e. AirTrain which connects the different terminals. The station directly connects the passengers to any station along New Jersey Transit’s Northeast Corridor Line or North Jersey Coast Line and many others too. The AirTrain monorail also helps the passengers to connect to the parking lots, parking garages, and rental car facilities.

  • BUS:

Coming to Newark airport bus service, the NJT buses provide local services to Irvington, Downtown Newark, and Newark Penn Station. The go bus 28 is a bus rapid transit line to Newark Broad Street Station and Bloomfield Station. Olympia Trails serves express buses to Port Authority Bus Terminal, Bryant Park and Grand Central Terminal in Manhattan.

  • ROAD:

Passengers can also pick from the options like Private limousine, taxis and car service which is also available to and from the airport. Taxis charge a flat rate which is based upon the selection of destination. The airport also operates the short and long term parking lots with shuttle buses and monorail access to the terminals. In addition to that, a new free Cellphone Lot facility has been opened for people who came to pick someone at the airport.

Wi-Fi Facility:

Passengers can enjoy the Newark airport Wi-Fi facility for free but for 30 minutes only. You have to watch a commercial before your session starts and a premium service is also available for commercial-free Wi-Fi.


At the Newark Liberty International Airport, the facility of ATMs and cash machines are available airside as well as landside.

Nursing Rooms:

Passengers can get the glimpse of nursing rooms at the airport at different locations such as:

  • At Terminal B, Airside, B2 Concourse, Near Gates 50 to 57
  • At Terminal B, Airside, B3 Concourse, Near Gates 60 to 68

Currency Exchange:

You can find Travelex kiosks at the landside and airside in Terminals A and C. The airside is only available in Terminal B. Travelex foreign currency ATMs are available airside in Terminal C.

currency exchange

Shopping Options:

Multiple travelers can enjoy Newark airport Duty-free shopping in all the three terminals. Along with that, a variety of retail shops is also available throughout the airport.


InMotion Entertainment at the airport offers DVD rentals. It is located at the Terminal B, Gates 60 to 68 and also at Gates 70 to 99.

Food & Drinks:

Passengers can enjoy a number of dining options at the airport which is located landside as well as airside. Other options are:

  • Subway: Located in Terminal B, landside
  • Dunkin Donuts: Located in Terminal C and available 24 hours.

Mobile Charging:

Passengers can also find Mobile charging stations at the airport which are located both Landside and Airside in all Terminals.

Pet Relief Area:

Traveling with your Pet is not a big deal now. You can find the Pet relief areas at all the terminals of the airport.

  • Terminal A: A courtyard on the west side of the terminal; outside. And the indoor pet relief area currently under construction.
  • Terminal B: B courtyard on the south side of the terminal; outside. And the indoor pet relief area is located at three locations that are the South side of FIS Hall, B2 – Gate 57 and B3 – Gate 65. In addition to these, the fourth one is under construction.
  • Terminal C: C courtyard on the east side of the terminal; outside. And the indoor pet relief area is currently under construction.



  • Diane Walker:

I was amazed that we arrived from Las Vegas and as our flight was a delay, we only had few minutes for the connecting flight to Manchester. We ran through the airport and managed to get on the plane. We thought that when we got to Manchester, we would have no luggage but our suitcases were on the plane.

  • Paranj Kalyani:

I arrived from Bombay at around 11 in the morning. Short walk to the immigration area which was bustling with passengers but the queues were handled so efficiently that I was actually amazed. There were about 300 passengers and I was done with immigration in about 15 minutes! Baggage claim was a little slow but nothing horrible. I didn’t get time to check out the other facilities and haven’t departed from here but I wouldn’t mind arriving here again. Definitely a pleasant experience!

  • Kurt Smith:

Despite other reviews, we have never had a problem with this airport. Being the airport closest to our home in West NJ, we are forced to travel from here and fly out of here every time. However, even if we lived closer to JFK, we would still prefer to fly from here. The staff is friendly and lines are almost never more than 1/2 an hour and even though it isn’t exactly a deciding factor the windows by the gates are huge and allow an amazing panorama of NYC and the jets landing. There are many stores and gift shops to make the experience more pleasant and who doesn’t like the free WI-FI. The only con is that it has slightly fewer flights than JFK.


  • Is the Newark airport big?

The airport which is formerly known as Newark International Airport is an international airport within the city limits of both Newark and Elizabeth. It is about 15 miles or 24km southwest of Midtown Manhattan.

  • What county is Newark International Airport in?

Newark Liberty International Airport is an international airport located about 15 miles or 24 km southwest of Midtown Manhattan; New York City.


  • How old is Newark airport?

The airport was the first major airport in the metropolitan area which was being opened in the year 1928. The airport was built on 68 acres of marshland by the City of Newark and quickly became the world’s busiest commercial airport.

  • Why is Newark airport EWR?

The Newark airport code is EWR because the use of N as a first letter is reserved for the US Navy as in Naval Air Station. So, there is the use of Newark.

  • How much does it cost to park at Newark Airport?

The Newark Airport parking includes the following points:

  • For half an hour, the charges are $4.
  • For 1 hour, the charges are $8.
  • For each additional 1/2 hour, the fee is $4.
  • For a maximum of 24 hours, the charge is about $39.