Must To Visit: 5 Lesser Known Natural Wonders In INDIA!

India is a place for many tourist spots, but have you ever heard about its natural wonders like a floating island, magnetic hill, marble rock, which has their own significance and interesting stories in their own way. What are those let’s just check now!

Marble rocks: Jabalpur

It is tough to assume that a small, nondescript city of Madhya Pradesh, Jabalpur, ought to characteristic amongst India’s herbal wonders. All credit score is going to the suitable marble rock gorges here. The Narmada River in Jabalpur narrows to a width of 10 meters before carving via mountains of white marble. This natural phenomenon has created a wondrous gorge of about three kilometers in duration, which glints at some stage in the day and gives an equally mesmerizing view at night. Take a flight to India to soak in the beauty of this place in Madhya Pradesh.

Things to do:

  1. Dhuandhar falls
  2. Tilwara Ghat
  3. Chausat Yogini Temple

Chandipur Beach: Balasore

This beach doesn’t exist constantly on the map. As it doesn’t look the same every year. When you will actually visit the beach you will see that sea disappear in front of your eyes and come back again. Not kidding guys! You can feel the water receding massively from the beach and then coming back with high tide in order to fill the emptiness. The horseshoe crab, a red crab and much other varied ranges of biodiversity you will find here.

Things to do:

  1. Panchalingeswar Shrine
  2. Nilagiri
  3. Similipal Forest Reserve

Lonar Lake: Maharashtra

You will find micro-organism which rarely found on the earth. This beautiful place is surrounded with Date palm, tamarind tree, and babul tree. It is also known as a bowl of biodiversity and wildlife sanctuary with a unique ecology that is vastly different. This landlocked water body is alkaline and saline at the same time. It is being declared as the national geo-heritage monument and a popular trekking destination

Things to explore:

  1. Gomukh Temple
  2. Daitya Sudhan temple
  3. City Shopping

Loktak Lake: Manipur

What can be more fascinating than a bit of land floating on water? Sounds like a place from a fairy story, doesn’t it? Manipur is domestic to the largest freshwater lake in Northeast India—the Loktak Lake. This splendidly appropriate water body has circular floating swamps, which are the only ones of their kind in the global. To explore the Indian python and smasher — all, on small floating islands, you need to grab a flight ticket to India!

Things to explore:

  1. Morning Boat Ride
  2. National Park
  3. Fishing

Magnetic Hill: Leh

Another name for this is Cyclops hill, which is nestled near Leh in Ladakh. This layout area and surrounding slopes create the appearance of a hill. Here local believe that there once existed a road that led people to heaven. Those who deserve to be there were pulled directly those who didn’t, could never make it there. Come & decide whether you deserve it or not.

Things to explore:

  1. Pangong Lake
  2. Khardunga La Pass
  3. Shanty Stupa
  4. Tso Moriri Lake

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