Missed your Flight! Know All Your Rights as a Passenger

Traveling by air is unequivocally the most convenient way to travel long distances. From the past decade, it’s continuously become so popular and safer. Not to mention, the advanced technology backs the aviation industry significantly. At the same time, you can choose between nonstop and connecting flight to reach your destination. Millions of people travel on US to India flights all around the year. It must be remembered that the Indian Diaspora is thriving considerably in the United States. However, to have a sense of belonging they frequently travel back to India. On the other hand, India is also a famous travel destination.

A lot of tourists make their foray in the exploration of this wonderful country. But while traveling by air there are certain situations passengers have to confront. One of these can be missing your flight. This is something that no passenger would ever want to encounter in life. Unfortunately, this can happen to even the best of us in reality. In this piece of article we will try to encapsulate what all you can do if you ever miss your flight! Moreover, we will also discuss the rights as a passenger you must know about at the same time.

What If You Miss Your First Or Connecting Flight!

There is no doubt that this can happen to any of us. The reasons may indeed vary for missing your flight. For example, it may happen due to the traffic on your way to the airport or long queues at the airport. This can rather be a stressful situation to face especially when you are in a foreign country. However, there is no need to worry! In spite of missing your flight, there are ways to find a solution to this problem. Hence, you can get on the next available flight to your destination. All you need to do is just be mindful of your rights in all different situations.

What Do You Need To Do If You Miss Your Flight?

This is a classic question that any traveler might have to deal with at some point of time. Well, the very first thing you need to do is make a call to the airline. It must be remembered that if you fail to do so they will say you just didn’t show up. It can further lead them to cancel your whole itinerary. That also includes the connecting or return flights on your itinerary. At the same time, if you know you’re late and won’t make it on time, better to inform them beforehand. This will lend you as well as the airline some time to find a solution. Moreover, when you inform the airline earlier about it, they are more likely to arrange another flight for you. If you miss your flight for any external reasons they will book you on a next flight.

Besides that, if you are at the airport already, just try to find out for the airline desk. The professionals at the desk will help you with all the relevant information. Perhaps, it’s the first thing you should do when you miss your flight while you are at the airport. The officials at the desk will give you all the details about the next flights available. You may get a flight in the next few hours or might have to wait a bit longer. In case you have to wait overnight, the help center may even assist you find an accommodation.

Can You Rebook The Flight You Miss?

Well the answer to this is yes! If you are nice to the airline there are possible chances they will book you on the next available flight. Most airlines are considerate when the reason for missing your flight is out of your control. They will thus book another flight for you at no cost. However, you might have to give a valid explanation or proof to strengthen your claim. Some airlines are indeed very lenient about it and will help you anyhow. It is important to realize they can also charge you a fee for rebooking your flight. Usually, this happens when you are traveling on a low budget airline. Therefore, whenever you book your flight tickets to India make sure you travel on one of the best airlines from USA to India.

Besides that, it’s possible when you have chosen a cheaper ticket for you. As a result, it might have some restrictions at the time of making changes. The airline may also ask you to pay a particular amount if there are differences in the fares. This situation arises when the flight you want to rebook costs a bit more than the one you missed. On the other hand, some airlines may rebook your flight for a much far away date. Whenever you confront this situation try to research if there’s any vacant seat on the next flight. Keep your calm and try to negotiate with the airline but be firm with your choices.

Can You Get A Refund When You Miss Your Flight?

In general, when you miss a flight and don’t wish to rebook you will not get a refund. Most of the airlines do not pay you back for an unused flight ticket. On the contrary, if you change your plans and cancel your flight, you get a refund for that. But it’s very unlikely when you miss your flight. However, there is no need to be completely disheartened. There are some airlines who can refund if they wish to do so. You can tell them about the situation you are in and clarify why you failed to make it. If they find your explanation genuine they might indeed grant a refund. It’s important for you to first pore over the policy of the airlines you travel for this reason.

Does Your Travel Insurance Cover The Flight You Miss?

Travel insurance will cover a flight you miss only if the coverage includes it under the policy. That is to say, you should always research thoroughly before buying travel insurance. It’s equally important that you never travel without travel insurance. Don’t just buy it like that. Therefore, read about each and every inclusion and exclusion it incorporates. It’s not just about marking a tick on the box while checking out. Not to mention, good travel insurance can cover comprehensive issues related to your trip. This can even prove conducive when you are looking to book us to India flights. Traveling without insurance can ruin your trip as a result. When your insurance provider doesn’t cover the flights you miss, you have to provide a genuine reason to the airline for missing them.

What Will Happen To Your Baggage When You Miss Your Connecting Flight?

You can miss your flight and your baggage may be on board. This might happen when you miss a connection on your itinerary. For example, you have to catch a connecting flights and you miss it for some reason. What can you do about it? Well, don’t worry. Perhaps you should call the airline forthwith and inform them about it. Hence they will be able to find a solution for you. In fact, they will open a ticket for a missed baggage claim and at the same time try to track it down. Ultimately, they will return it to you or arrange a location from where you can pick it from when you rebook your flight. They can also deliver your luggage at an address you may choose.

How Can Various Reasons For Missing Your Flight Affect Your Rights?

Now we hope you know and understand what to do when you miss your flight. We have indeed tried to cover all the aspects associated with missing a flight. Therefore, now we will talk about how reasons for missing your flight can affect your rights. It’s important to realize that the reasons matter a lot. They can prove to be a deciding factor regarding how your airline will handle your situation. Let’s talk a little bit about them in detail. These can also come handy when you book your flight tickets to India.

Missing Your Flights Due To Traffic

You may miss your flight because of the traffic you find on your way to the airport. As a result, the airline may say that you did not just show up. It may however further cancel your complete flight itinerary. Therefore, it is essential for you to call the airline and inform them beforehand. It will make sure that they can rebook you on another flight available. You may have to pay a rebooking fee however for the same. To clarify, most of the airlines don’t consider traffic jams as a genuine reason to miss your flight. So it becomes crucial for you to be at the airport on time rather than being late.

Missing Your Flight Due To An Emergency Or Illness

In case a medical emergency was a reason for missing your flight, you don’t have to worry. All you need to do is get a letter from your doctor. It will thus prove that you were ill or suffered an injury. Besides that, it all depends on the airline if its policy permits them to refund your money. You may also get a waive off on the cancellation fee if you cancel your flight ahead of time. In order to be sure about all these details it’s better to see what is stipulated in the airline’s policy.

If You Miss Your Flight Due To Security Check

When you miss your flight due to a security check, there is not much you can do. That is to say, the airports and airlines reserve all the rights to search every passenger thoroughly. Ensuring everyone’s safety is indispensable. However, you can ask them to rebook you on the next available flight. It must be remembered that they may charge an extra fee in order to do so. Therefore, it’s always advisable to reach the airport on time. Be there as early as possible so that you pass through the security check swiftly. To clarify, you must reach the airport at least 2 hours before your departure time. Another key point to remember is that your luggage is within the prescribed weight limits. Lastly, make sure that all your important documents like the passport are up to date.

If You Miss Your Connecting Flight

There can be occasions when you arrive on time for your first flight but miss the connecting one. In this case, you may also get compensation along with rebooking your flight. For example, your flight got delayed due to the bad weather conditions. On missing your connecting flight, you will have to let the airline know as you do for other flights. Likewise, the airline will rebook you on the next available flight. In most cases, you do not have to pay an extra rebooking fee. Furthermore, we will mention some of the most frequent reasons for missing a connecting flight.

1. Due To Bad Weather

You may miss your flight due to bad weather conditions. In this case, the airline will book you on the next available flight. You however do not get compensation for these delays and missing the connection. This is because you can’t reproach the airline for delays due to dangerous weather conditions. But if your connecting flight is of the same booking, they may take care of other essential requirements. To enumerate, this may include food, refreshments or even lodging if needed. On the contrary, if your connection is not with the same airline things may vary. You might have to rebook another flight yourself as the airline is not obliged to do so for you.

2. Due To Short Layover

When you miss your flight due to a short layover, it’s the airline that rebooks you on the next flight. However, it’s imperative that your connecting flight is a part of the same ticket. You may also claim compensation for missing it. After all, it’s the airline that did not provide you with ample time to board your connecting flight. On the other hand, if your connection is not on the same ticket you will have to book the next flight yourself. Moreover, a fee will also be applicable while doing so.

3. Due To A Delay Or Cancellation

If your first flight experienced a delay or a cancellation, the airline will rebook your connection. Moreover, it will be done absolutely free of cost or any other fee. The airline will further provide you with all the necessary and essential requirements. For example, you will be given food, refreshments and an access to communicate. In some exceptional cases, they also provide customers with hotel and transportation facilities. The passengers also reserve their rights in such cases for being compensated by the airline.


We hope that this little piece of information will definitely help make your air travel comfortable. At the same time, we know that when someone misses a flight it can feel quite stressful. Therefore, the next time you miss your flight; do not lose your calm. Just be abreast with your rights and you’ll surely reach your destination. Furthermore, if you want any other information regarding international air travel, we are there. Just visit our official website at Flydealfare.com and know everything you wish to know about.

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