Major Airlines Serving Business Class Flights From USA to India

Travel isn’t limited to transport yourself from one place to another. It is a part of life which helps you in learning, growing and developing new skills. So surround yourself with a better environment for meaningful travel exposure. Well, flying in business class will give you a drastically amazing flight journey.

Why we should pick business class flights to India?

Flying from the USA to India is a long-haul journey and it requires patience to travel. The business class serves the passenger with their luxurious seats, amenity kits, in-flight entertainment, and a multi-course meal.Thus most of the passengers settle for business class flights by paying more.

Talking about the USA To India journey, here we have put some light on the major airlines presenting worthy services to their passengers:

Emirates’ In-flight Entertainment:- 


Emirates is known for its best in-flight entertainment

  1. Lot of channels with movies, music, television box set, computer games, and live TV enhances its utility.
  2. Best of all you will get a flat-bed seat, amenity kit, and bar with best food service. The seats are more relaxing and comfortable.


Etihad’s Business Studio:- 


Etihad provide the luxurious services to their passengers.

  1. Etihad’s business studio offers flat-bed seats with massage function, touch screen, direct aisle access, soft cushion, amenity kit with earplugs, toothbrush, and hand cream etc.
  2. On-demand Dine facility in Etihad.


Qatar’s Legendary Hospitality:-

Personalized entertainment system, with lots of TV channels, movies, and music to choose from.

  1. Moreover, you will enjoy here on-demand-dine with the selection of light delicacies, appetizers, mocktail, and world-class meal.
  2. They provide an endless effort to fulfill the needs of passengers.


Singapore Airlines’ Relaxed Sleep:-

Business class services of Singapore Airlines are great; here you will get a fully flat bed for a comfortable sleep.

  1. They care that you awake fresh for the next day. HD entertainment display, fine dines and amenity kits are also provided.
  2. You will get an extra space for your laptop, tablet, files and other things which will help you in utilizing your time by making you comfortable while working on the flight.


Qantas’ Skybed:-

By understanding the needs of business class passengers Qantas replaced their seats with Skybeds.

  1. Skybeds are fully flat beds with an internal lighting system which provides comfort, flexibility, and privacy to the passengers.

These are intelligent seating; which can be adjusted in a comfortable position. Moreover, you can explore the massage option in the seats.


1.> Are there any direct flights from USA to India?

ANS:- There are premium airlines that offer the nonstop flights between USA and India. At present, nonstop USA to India airlines are operated on seven routes, including two by United Airlines and five by Air India. Usually, nonstop flights cost more than direct flights and connecting flights.

2.> Which is the best airline to travel to USA from India?

ANS:- Qatar Airways has the connection of more than 150 international destinations throughout Africa, Central Asia, Europe, and many more. It is considered as one of the best airlines from the USA to India.

3.> What is the cheapest month to fly to USA?

ANS:- Currently, the cheapest month for flights to USA is February. The most expensive month for flights is July. The cheapest prices are shown above but prices will vary according to departure times, airlines, class and how early you book.


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