LAX Airport Add A New Information Kiosks (AsKLAX) To Assist Passengers!

A new program is going to test at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) in its Tom Bradley International Terminal and Terminal 2 to assist passengers. An automated kiosk (AsKLAX) is installed at the airport that provides a wealth of helpful information to passengers. The kiosks can also be used to directly contact customer service representatives in real-time.

AsKLAX Features:                                                          

  • New information Kiosks AskLAX has a 36-inch screen and is shaped like an oversized Smartphone.
  • It is connected directly to the airport information systems and can provide up-to-date information on flights, maps of the terminals and locations of retail and eating outlets.
  • It also provides emergency information, traffic conditions outside of the airport and available transportation
  • Can be used to locate restrooms and pet relief stations as well as finding out information about service animals.
  • The kiosks are also programmed to assist with lost and found operations and similar personal services.
  • The AskLAX kiosks can also take your selfie and email it to you.
  • This new program is used to connect you via video chat with a customer service representative if you need additional help.

A representative of the airport has stated that the AskLAX kiosks are just another way the airport is using innovative new techniques to improve the overall passenger experience. The airport will be testing the AskLAX kiosks through the current calendar year. However, the airport has not stated how soon it will install them in the other areas of LAX if they are found to be successful.

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