JetBlue Has Been Ranked For Best Frequent Flyer Program!

Recently, JD Power has conducted a survey that shows that a majority of travelers enrolled in reward programs offered by the airlines have no idea how to earn or redeem their rewards. The programs are often seen as confusing or the redeeming process is too complicated to use, at least for the good majority of the airlines.

JetBlue has been ranked for offering the best frequent flyer program in the industry. JetBlue’s TrueBlue program was given a score of 812 out of 1000 points. This is the second year in a row that the airline achieved this rating, and this year’s rating is 16 points higher than its previous achievement.

  • The carrier performed well when it came to program benefits, ease of earning and redeeming rewards, as well as member communication.
  • JD Power ranked travelers’ satisfaction based on the ease of which to earn and redeem points, the availability of rewards and the customer service or account management provided by the airline.

The survey found that most people who use frequent flyer program prefer to do so on an app instead of on their computer at home. Airlines that allowed account management via a mobile app ranked higher than those which did not. The survey also found that members prefer to save up their points and miles to redeem for much larger rewards than to continually cash them in for smaller benefits.

Southwest Airlines came in second place with its Rapid Rewards program, while Alaska Airlines came in third for overall satisfaction with its Mileage Plan program. The top three airlines listed this year often jockey for position in these same top three spots each year. JetBlue was very pleased with the announcement that its frequent flyer program came in first place again this year and has stated that the carrier will strive to continue offering the best rewards program in the industry.

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