Jet Airways Web Check-in Status: Timings, Options & Queries

Nowadays, different passengers whether they are traveling for business or leisure preferred the online check-in method. It is so because it helps them to save their time and also don’t let them you stand in long queues at the airport. This mode of check-in not only provides the passengers to choose their own preferred seats but also let them print their boarding pass for a stress-free check-in experience.

Passengers can easily check-in online at your comfort within the specified time frame of flight. It is an interactive online facility offered to the passengers in order to make the overall booking procedure easy and convenient for them.

Being the second largest airline in India in terms of passenger payload and market share, Jet Airways operates more than 300 flights on daily basis to about 70 destinations.

It is seen that the most of the passengers do not get the seat of their preference and they also have to wait in long queues at the airport. To avoid such situations, you can the avail the option of Jet Airways web check-in.


Mainly, the following three benefits are attached to the overall web check-in process:

  • Check-in from your home, office or on the go
  • Reserve your preferred seat and print your boarding pass
  • Skip the queue and save time at the airport

Following are the details of Jet Airways check-in time:

jet airways t1

Passengers who are traveling with the check-in baggage must carry their valid photo ID which should be checked at the airport check-in counter. In order to have their baggage accepted and processed, one should reach the check-in counter in advance of the counter closure time.

Web check-in guests, who have not reported to the airport 75 minutes prior to departure, will be offloaded from the flight and have their seats released for guests on standby.


The airport check-in procedure is the most basic type of check-in. Talking about the time, the check-in counters are opened usually 2 hours before scheduled departure for domestic flights. Hence the passengers are required to check-in at least 60 minutes before scheduled departure.

In case of counters at the airport of Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Bangalore, these are closed about 45 minutes before scheduled departure and 30 minutes before scheduled departure in case of any other airport.

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The membership status and the class of travel of the passengers matters a lot when it comes to gain preferential facilities for Jet Airways tele check-in. It includes the following two cases:

For traveling within India:

  • The time limit for Premiere and Konnect Select and JetPriviledge Platinum and Gold members is between 48 hours to 60 minutes before departure.
  • For JetPriviledge Silver members, it is reduced to 24 hours and 60 minutes prior to departure.
  • Reporting shall be done at least 50 minutes prior to flight time.

For International Travel:

  • The Jet privilege Silver members can call between 24 hours to 60 minutes before departure.
  • For First Class/Premiere and JetPriviledge Platinum as well as Gold members, the time limit is between 48 hours and 60 minutes before departure.

The next and the most popular mode of check-in is web or mobile check-in. Through this, you can get your preferred seat and print the boarding pass from the comforts of your home or office. In case, you are a JetPriviledge member, there is a chance that you might gain 250 JPmiles as a bonus on checking in by Web.

Jet Web Check-in Time Requirements for Domestic and International Flights:

jet air t3

Check-in Counter Closure Times-

jet air t4


There are some restrictions or we can say that there are some categories of passengers which are not eligible for the Web/Mobile Check-in:

  • Passengers with special requirements such as with disabilities, Unaccompanied minors, passengers traveling with pets, passengers on wheelchairs, etc.
  • Passengers traveling through codeshare and interline flights.
  • Passengers with paper tickets.
  • Passengers with open / waitlisted bookings.
  • Passengers traveling on Industry / Agent Discount tickets

The next type of check-in offered by the airline is Kiosk check-in. The process of Kiosk Check-in starts by swiping your Jet Privilege Card or Debit or Credit Card for verification of your name and then you need to fill in the PNR number as per eTicket, confirming the itinerary of travel, along with the selection of preferred seat plus the printing of boarding pass.

jet air kiosk-checkin

The airline offers the facility of Kiosk check-in at selected locations of the country only. This service is available at the airports of Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Pune, Chandigarh, Vadodara, and Chennai. Passengers can easily get their boarding pass printed at one of this kiosk and you can also earn 250 bonus JPMiles with kiosk check-in.

Talking about the timing of this facility, the time frame attached to it is 24 hours to 45 minutes before departure of scheduled flights within India whereas, for international flights, the time limit is hours and 60 minutes.


The following categories of passengers are not eligible for using the self-service kiosks:

  • Passengers traveling on D, E & G classes.
  • Passengers with special needs like Unaccompanied Minors, pet owners, passengers with disabilities, etc.
  • Passengers who are on open / waitlisted bookings.
  • Passengers traveling on Upgrade Vouchers, Industry / Agent Discount tickets

The check-in while walk-in is considered as one of the innovative concepts in the check-in procedure. This method includes a Rover Agent who carries the hand held the device and a printer for checking in the passengers.

Airports of India, including Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Chandigarh, Goa and Pune support this service for the passengers.


The city check-in service is usually for the passengers who are traveling on a confirmed ticket and have hand baggage only. This procedure includes that the respective passenger has to move to the city office of the airline where he can check-in between 24 hours to 2 hours before flight departure.

Currently, the airports of Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Chennai and Indore support this service of check-in.

Passengers are required to report at the airport prior to 45 and 60 minutes before departure for domestic and international flights In case of city check-in.


The one-time check-in on return journey is especially for the guest who is traveling to a destination and then coming back on the same day on domestic flights. Here, the passengers have the boarding pass for return flight issued at the time of boarding the first flight.


jet air tweet check in

The airline also introduced the tweet check-in facility which is a first of its kind Twitter-based innovation. You need to follow the official Twitter account of the airline and for check-in, you need to do direct messaging.


No.1: Does Jet Airways offer online check-in facility?

Yes, the airline offers web check-in allows the passengers to check in anywhere from 48 to 2 hours before your flight departs.

No.2: What are the requirements for using Web Check-in?

The airline offers the web check-in facility on flights departing from select airports only. And there are certain requirements linked to it too:

  • The PNR should have a maximum of seven passengers only.
  • Passengers booking online are not allowed to travel with an infant or a child as a part of your booking record (PNR).
  • The name which you have entered for your check-in must be the same as described in your booking record.
  • While booking your tickets through a travel agent, don’t forget to ask your agent to provide the airlines’ PNR for seamless check-in.
  • Reach the airport on time so that you can manage stuff like getting through the security, check your bags etc.

No. 3: Can I use Web Check-in if I have bags to check?

Yes, you can very easily web check-in if you have bags. You need to print your boarding pass at home and have to drop your bags with at the check-in counter at the airport before the cut-off time.

No. 4: Can I change or select my seat with Web Check-in?

Yes, passengers can change or select their preferred seats through web check-in.

You need to check-in around 2.5 hours before departure and the airline recommend the passengers check in at the airport at least 75 minutes before scheduled time of departure.

No. 5: When must I check in when traveling by Jet Airways?

Talking about the check-in timings, it depends upon whether your flight is domestic or international and also on the method of check-in.

According to the general rule, the passengers should check-in from 2 days and up to 2 hours prior to scheduled flight departure.

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