Is It Safe To Travel Australia to India Amidst Coronavirus?

As long as the deadly corona virus is spreading over the world there has been a great drop in international travel. Also the airports are making strict restrictions for the travelers before boarding.  Those who are thinking about visiting India can travel without fear of novel corona virus.

There have been some amendments of flights to and from Australia  by various airlines:

  1. All tourists arriving from China or have a recent travel history to China are not allowed to enter Australia. On the other hand Australian who wish to return from China are tested before allowing entry into the country.
  2. Various flights from China have been canceled to Australia.
  3. Qantas have suspended the flights to Chinese cities such as Beijing and Shanghai. Also, the direct flight services between Australia and Mainland China from 09 February to 29 March.

Airports in Australia are imposing strict screening measures: It is totally safe to travel in the flights because there great steps are being taken by government and airport authorities to battle against corona virus. Aircrafts, airports, and all high traffic area are being deeply cleaned by disinfectant to make your journey healthy.

For traveling from Australia to India you have to face the strict security measures at the arrival as well as the destinations airports. The government has announced “enhanced screening measures” at airports to deal with this deadly coronavirus spread.

As a result passengers from Italy, Korea and other affected reasons will have to face the mandatory questions and health screening process at the airport and will not be permitted to use smart gates.

Moreover, if passengers traveling from Australia fail those outbound checks will be denied boarding to India.

Travel bans from China and Iran have been extended for the safety of passengers. There will be no passenger traveling internationally without Thermal screening. Thus if you travel with proper precautions there is no risk to you.

How Thermal Screening is being performed at the airports in Australia?

International travelers have to pass through the thermal screening process to enter a flight. It is done to spot fever caused by infections using mass-screening systems. Generally it measures the skin temperature at high-speed using thermal imaging and temperature measurement equipment.

The best part is that during all these processes it is taken into account that any passenger does not get any kind of delay for their flight. 

Will you get entry in India?

Any passenger Traveling from Australia to India can travel with ease unless they have the travel history of China or other affected areas amidst corona virus.

All passengers arriving shall be screened by Airport Health Organization immediately and will be given entry after proper clearance of screening process. For a healthy journey you must take some precautions to avoid corona virus while traveling in the flight.

Check out these best routes and airlines to travel from Australia to India and lower the risk of getting affected with corona virus while traveling.

Airline Depart From Arrive at Stops
Singapore Airlines Brisbane Mumbai Singapore
Air India Darwin Delhi Sydney
Etihad Sydney Mumbai Abu Dhabi


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