How To Get Through The US Immigration: Entry To Exit

Want to visit numerous amazing sites of US, but afraid of getting struck into several official formalities! Well, a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Sometimes you presume things to be hard, but in actuality, it’s not. All you need to do is to get full details of the whole process of immigration.

Coming back to the topic, the word “immigration” literally means the movement of people from one country to another of which they don’t possess the citizenship. They are shifting in order to get employment opportunities or working as a migrant worker or a foreign worker. Seems normal, right! But the critical part is that the host countries don’t take these migrants as their own citizens and put certain extra restrictions to inspect them. This thing raises never-ending debates and discussions too.

Every government puts certain barriers to the entry of migrants so as the US officials do. POE i.e. The Port Of Entry is the place where you land first when you enter USA. There is the existence of an immigration check counter over there, where you may have to answer some basic questions on behalf of your identification, passport, and other papers.

If you want to get all the details regarding the whole procedure of entering the country or you need a step by step explanation, then the following points may prove beneficial.


The time you enter the US airport, all you need to do is to follow the other passengers who are already going to the immigration office and without any confusion, stand in a queue for the time till your turn don’t come.


If you are going to visit US on a short-term basis like with the temporary visa, then it would be better if you join the queue of non-US citizens. You should make your passport and papers ready so that you don’t have to face any complication at the time of inspection.


In this level, you require to verify all your documents like your passport, visa, custom form, etc. from the immigration officer. You may also need to answer some questions like the type of visa; you are holding or the reason for visiting. You may also ask to answer some of the basic questions like for whom are you working for, what do you do by profession, for how many days you are here in the US. Easy, right!


After the verification of your all official details, you need to give your fingerprints and a digital picture to the officials. After that, the officer will stamp the passport with the date of your arrival and various other details. Then he will create an electronic I_94 which means your all details are verified and then your passport and the customs form will be given back to you.
The U.S. citizens or dual citizens do not need to go through this intense inspection rather he/she only need to show the US passports. On the other side, for non-US citizens, they must require a resident or green card or a valid non-immigrant visa.

LEVEL 5: Baggage claim

After all this verification is over, go to the baggage claim area and get your belongings from there. Use a trolley if the stuff to be carried is more.

LEVEL 6: Customs regarding luggage

The time you claim the baggage, you need to proceed to the customs with your luggage. Thereby an officer will check your customs form and may do a little bit of questioning regarding your luggage or baggage you are carrying. If all is clear, then you can leave the airport, but if you have some prohibit items which don’t come under the law to be carried, then he will not allow to carry it with you.

LEVEL 7: Take an exit from the airport

After all the above verification is over, you can easily leave the airport.
The trick is simple, all you need to do is to take all your necessary documents with you and be cooperative with the officials regarding the different stages of inspection.