Here’s Why This Airline Was Named “The Best in the World” for over Two Decades

Nowadays, airlines are going through a tough time. Every single airline is offering more than the other. Some are offering better dining options and some are providing better leg space and prominent services onboard.

Passengers and numerous travelers have different opinions on different airlines but when we talk about the Singapore airlines, all just have all good to say.

Probably this is the reason why the airline manages to hold the 1st position from the past 22 years in the Travel+Leisure’s World’s Best Awards. The T+L magazine provides an in-depth explanation of its ratings methodology on its website and the ratings are compiled via surveys of its numerous readers.

The ranking of the T+L magazine is based on the categories such as cabin comfort, in-flight services offered by the airlines, customer service and value.

Singapore Airline also set a record and become the only airline to hold the No. 1 spot in any World’s Best category for as long as the competition has been in existence. On the other side, Singapore also supports the best airport in the world.


  • Singapore Airlines offer its passengers a wide space of 19.5 inches. Along with this, you can also avail extra-comfy shoulder room and built-in footrests here. In short, Singapore Airlines make it very easy to get proper sleep at such a height.


  • In addition to that, there is the availability of two USB ports, adjustable reading lamps, priority treatment from check-in to boarding, and neat amenities such as a cocktail table, noise-cancelling headphones and all this is already included in the price. That means you will get a first class treatment while traveling in coach.


  • In case, you get upgraded to the first class, then you will avail all the facilities of a luxurious hotel or resort. Passengers can enjoy a fully comfy experience on 35-inch-wide leather seats which can easily transform into flat beds.


  • If you are traveling on the new Boeing 777-300ER flights, then the passengers can enjoy mood lighting and curved privacy partitions.


  • Talking about the meal facilities, you will forget the tasteless and mushy meals after you taste the dining options in Singapore airlines. The airline supports a pressurized tasting room. This lets the chefs balance the taste of food at 30,000 feet and tastes the same as it would on the ground.


  • One of the reasons behind such a great taste is the hard work of the international panel of eight renowned chefs. Passengers can enjoy stuff like steak, caviar, and two different champagnes for first and business class passengers. Along with this, there are also options of enjoying regional food options like Randy’s Donuts of Los Angeles and Blue Bell Ice Cream of Houston.


  • Singapore Airline upgrade allows business class passengers both a cradling and a lounging position.


  • It is among the first to fly the world’s biggest passenger planes, which include amenities such as onboard showers and a lounge.