A Guide To The Air Travel For Blinds Or Visually Impaired Travelers!

The number of categories attached to air travel is due to the fact that every passenger is different plus multiple types of needs and requirements are there. That’s why; the airlines have different rules regarding travelers with special needs like infants, flying with pets, with wheelchair, and blinds.

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Different airlines have different rules regarding the travelers with special needs. You must get proper details about that plus the several rules which you need to follow regarding your identification and medical condition. It’s always better if someone is traveling with you but in case you are flying alone, airlines have special arrangements for such passengers.

Here we are discussing a list of few tips for the passengers with special requirements like for the traveling with low vision or no vision or the visually impaired travelers.

First Step – Booking The Flight Tickets:

The very first step that you need to follow is regarding the booking of flight to your destination. While doing so, the passengers with a disability must mention to the officials regarding special assistance. This lets the ground staff and onboard personnel get all the information regarding your arrival and departure. This will help them to do special arrangements for such travelers.

If you are booking your flight through a travel agent, then also you have to verify your requirement at the time of booking. The information you give to them is linked your PNR number.

It is necessary to provide all the details on time because sometimes the request for assistance might not be available. So, while making an online reservation one must call the airline and ensure that all the requirements of the passengers must feed into the system. There are special discounts for legally blind passengers on planes too.

Always Carry Phonebook With Important Numbers:

Air travel can be tricky for a normal person and when it comes to blind or disable person, things can be more critical. To avoid any unfavorable situations these travelers must carry their phonebooks, including all the necessary information. This will help the airline authorities to take initiatives in case you get into any trouble.

Do Contact The Airline A Day Before Travel:

Remaining in contact with the airline authorities, a day before your travel is always let you get prepared. If you are flying in the morning or late at night, you will definitely get the assistance from the officials. You can also request a wheelchair if someone is traveling with you.

Be Friendly With The Airline Staff:

Connecting the airline through a call while reaching the airport will let them know about your reaching the terminal shortly. In normal cases, the airlines send someone to pick the disabled passengers from where the vehicle stops. You can also request the auto or cab driver to help you enter the gate as mentioned by the airline staff. If the airline doesn’t mention anything, you must reach the booking counter at the airport.

be friendly

Passing The Check-in Counter:

Air travel for the blind can be less complicated if they ensure that all the check-in formalities are completed, once the airline staff takes over. You can also ask for assistance regarding reaching your boarding gate and getting the seat number. If you are traveling with baggage, assistance can also be asked for regarding that.

Another Step – The Security Check:

When it comes to the security check, you will need to pass your baggage through the x-ray machine and it may also include yours checking through a metal detector. In case, you are carrying a laptop or a mobile phone then put them on a separate tray.

You must be aware of taking off your belt, jackets and put them through the X-ray. After passing the metal detector, you can collect all your stuff and ensure that the baggage tag and your boarding pass have been stamped by the security people. And then, you have to wait at the boarding gate till your flight is announced.

Entry In The Aircraft:

You can proceed towards the aircraft after your flight is announced and your boarding pass is entered the into the computer system. You can find aerobridges at some airports and at other you will approach the aircraft in a coach. It all depends on the aircraft in which you are traveling.

Onboard The Aircraft:

After getting into the airplane, you will be helped by the air hostesses regarding storing your baggage either below the seat in front of you or in the bin just above your seat. The responsibility of assisting you is now transferred from the ground staff to the flight crew.

You just need to get the brief on the various aspects of safety, washroom, food, etc. while flying. Some airlines have these instructions in Braille as well. Several special steps have been taken by the airlines for the blind passengers in aircraft.

Procedure At The Arrivals:

After arriving at your destination, you will get the assistance of the ground staff again. You will get help regarding your baggage and staff will escort you out of the airport. You will also get help regarding the cab, auto, or bus, depending on how you propose to proceed from the airport.

The Staff Members Can Provide You The Best Assistance:

Best Assistance

By making connections with the airline staff help you get better assistance. You can ask their names and behave friendly with them to be comfortable. It will also help you the next time you travel with the same airline with the same airline officials.


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