General Guidelines To Grab The Last Minute Flights To India!

Money does not matter much when it comes to having fun with your near and dear ones to the desired destination. But an affordable deal is always welcome by every passenger. People try out multiple things to save every single penny in booking different flight tickets. One of the simplest ways to get cheap rates is to grab last minutes flight deals. This thing let you get perfect rates and a number of additional benefits too. To grab better options in last minute flights, you can go through the following points.

Use Flight Comparison Sites:

You can also rely on a number of flight comparison sites like Skyscanner or Opodo to compare all the different options at one single place. By picking this option, you might fly at a slightly different time as compare to the one you hoped and may need to end your journey in a different airline but it’s worth it when you have a good amount of money.

Be Flexible With Dates:

If you can be flexible with the dates you take off, then it becomes easier for you to get cheaper fares as flying on Wednesdays and Thursdays are much cheaper than on weekends.

flexible time

You need to be flexible in order to get a bunch of good deals but if you are searching for last minute flights to India or anywhere else, then being flexible is more profitable than choosing anti-social flight times.

Be Flexible About Where You Go:

Well! If you don’t plan about the destination or the accommodation there, then the last minute’s deals are for people like you. By booking a week off work and don’t have a specific destination to visit out, you can easily bag a last minute flight deal and save loads of cash too.

Try To Book Really Late:

To get a bunch of options regarding last minute flight deals India, prefer to book really late. By doing so, you can grab better offers as at this time the airlines are trying to fill the plane to capacity which certainly reduces the fares.

Fly During Undesirable Hours:

Booking a flight at 4 a.m. is a much cheaper option as the flight tends to have more unfilled seats and booking these proves less expensive as compared to a mid-day flight.

Use Any Discounts:

Most of the people are still unaware of the numerous kinds of discounts attached to the booking of flights like the student discount or the senior citizen discount. Connect to the best travel agents who could help you to get all the information regarding that or the flight sites which can also help you out with the same.

senior citizens

Moreover, there are benefits attached if you pay through specific credit cards and even signing up to airline email alerts could make a big difference when it comes to saving extra bucks.

Don’t Try To Book In A Group:

More clicks on a flight website mean the more will be the prices. So avoid booking in a group. Do consider the facts like how many flights are left and then book a few hours later so that the website doesn’t see loads of IP addresses clicking at once. Yes, if one person is buying all the tickets on the behalf of others then there is no problem.

Always Be On The Alert:

By remaining active and alert, you can quickly grab best ever deals as compare to the other as you are not the only one out there who is looking for cheap last-minute flights. By paying proper attention to different deals, you can connect to better options. If an airline has a newsletter, then sign up for it because it will keep you informed about last minute flight sales. This works particularly well for chartered flights. Along with that, you can also use Skyscanner to find multiple offers regarding last minute flights.

Call The Airline:

The specific airlines also provide a handful of cheap flights to India which could help you to take an optimum decision. Special deals are attached to conditions like last minute deals on travel for a funeral or something. But to avail the discount, you need to book the flight by phone and need to travel within 7 to 14 days.


For example, if you are looking for optimum deals regarding last minute flights from USA to India or to other routes, then you need to know the policies of different airlines like Delta AirLines and Air Canada offer special rates for those traveling due to a death in the family and the Alaska Airlines also provide 10% discount to passengers who need to travel due to an emergency or tragedy. All you need to do is to provide all the valid information regarding the relative which includes the name and the phone number of the relative’s doctor or funeral home.

Consult A Travel Consolidator For Best Deals:

You can also rely on this kind of option as a travel consolidator can provide you tickets at heavy discounts. The process goes like that these consolidators buy up large quantities of tickets from the airlines at a volume price in advance to keep the flights at capacity. When they are unable to pre-sell enough seats, they try to sell these at discount to those passengers who are searching for last minute flight deals.