Five Tips For US Travellers who wish To Travel To India

India is one of those destinations that can be quite difficult especially when you are travelling for the first time. In order to find your way you need to know a few things.

Travelling to India can be quite a challenge. It is a very busy and somewhat confusing country at times. You will have to adjust to it with time and that can consume a lot of your energy. You have to learn the ways to stay healthy and safe in India. Although this mesmerizing country is not the easiest place to visit, it is definitely the most rewarding. India has on offer some of the best, the most remarkable and amazing sights that you will find anywhere in the world. Apart from this, there is delicious food, incredible environment, warm and magnetic people and a cultural heritage that is rich and a delight to explore.

So, Before You Travel To India And Make Your Trip The Best Ever, You Need To Follow These Ingenious Tips And Tricks.


1. Don’t try to cover the whole country

Make sure that you include only a few stops on your itinerary while travelling to India and try to spend more time at each stop rather than trying to cover as much as you can on your trip.

Just walking around in a busy Indian city like New Delhi can be an overwhelming experience, so what you need to do is plan your itinerary for resting and recovering by making proper use of your time. If you have too little time and want to travel a lot, then you will most likely suffer from fatigue and a burnout.

Instead of this you need to take your time and explore lesser destinations and spend as much time as you can in them and you’ll definitely have a much more enjoyable trip.


2. Ready Yourself for Culture Shock

This is something you will experience as soon as you set foot in India. There is a lot of cultural change that you will experience and it will be shocking. It is better to accept this cultural difference rather than trying to fight it. You need to prepare yourself and accept the fact that things will not be the same as they were back home. Have an open mind and don’t have too many expectations.


3. Carry some medicine for your stomach

One of the most common experiences that many travellers from USA to India encounter is an upset stomach. Even if you try to be really careful, there are chances that your body will be affected by the range of diverse bacteria that dwell in the food and water in India. This is why it is advisable that you carry along with you, some diarrhoea medication with you.
In case you wait till the time you actually get ill, there are chances that you will not wander away from the toilet and will be looking desperately for pharmacies.


4. Travel beyond the Cities

India is home to some really amazing cities and the bigger cities like Delhi and Mumbai can be really fun and exciting. However, it is also worth to travel outside of the big cities and visit some of rural parts of India. You will find a lot of comfort in the rural parts of India. Life will definitely be slower, but the air will be cleaner, the food will be amazing and you will definitely get an insight into the rich Indian culture.


5. Dress properly and conservatively

Walking around in a mini skirt or a low cut top is not acceptable under any circumstances, even though the weather will be hot. It is highly advisable that you pack some conservative clothing as India is a conservative destination and you don’t want to draw a lot of unwanted attention to yourself when you wear clothes that are revealing. If you are visiting a religious place such as a temple, it is considered highly disrespectful to dress up in inappropriate clothing.


Plan your trip well in advance.

India is a popular tourist destination for foreign travellers and most of the people get their bookings done well in advance. You need to ensure your time and date of travel and book your tickets well in advance. You will easily find cheap flight tickets to India from the USA and if you want to travel in luxury then you can book business class tickets as well by paying some extra money.


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