Etihad Introduces 2 New In-Flight Guest Medical Services: In-flight Nurse & Pre-boarding Checkup!

A recent study by the University of Toronto states an increment in the number of in-flight medical emergencies. More and more senior citizens, pregnant women, infants, travelers with chronic ailments and terminally ill passengers are taking to the skies. Most of the time, passengers have the physiologic stress during long-haul flights needs medical emergencies on board.

Therefore, Etihad Airways’ new in-flight guest medical services include an airline-certified doctor’s visit to the passengers who are required to get medical clearance to board flights. Etihad Airways has launched two specialized services for air travelers with pre-existing medical conditions. It ensures about the continuity of care and in-flight safety.

Etihad said in a statement that the one-stop-shop services are the first in the region to be offered by an airline. It will be carried out by members of the Etihad medical team, all of whom are qualified in aviation and transport medicine.

  • First Service:

Its first service allows guests those who require medical clearance before travel, the opportunity to request an Etihad aviation doctor to visit them. It also allows conducting an evaluation in consultation with their attending physician. Etihad doctor on- site will complete all medical forms and assessments, which is leading to a recommendation about their “fit to fly” status within one day or 24-hours.

  • Second Service:

The second service is the introduction of an in-flight nurse, is available in-flight with guest medical services. An in-flight nurse will accompany during their trip and provide medical support. The in-flight nurse will provide requisite support during medical emergencies on the plane. It will surely add to the passenger-friendly value of Etihad Airways’ in-flight services including Flying Nanny for kids on board.

Etihad Airways’ vice president medical services, Dr. Nadia Bastaki said, “Etihad is delighted to be the first airline in the region to provide these new medical services which will cater for guests who require medical assistance during their travel. Both services will help ensure our guests have a smooth and hassle-free journey, greatly removing unnecessary anxiety they sometimes feel when traveling.”

Etihad Airways’ dedicated in-flight medical services will not only help the airline avert unnecessary losses but also ensure a smooth flight for the passengers who require consistent medical assistance. It will surely benefit unaccompanied senior citizens on Etihad Airways flights from the USA to India and other destinations.

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