Essential Guide To Goa International Airport

Goa International Airport or Dabolim Airport is the only airport in the Goa state of India. It is located in the city of Dabolim in Goa. The airport is also operated as the civil enclave in a military airbase named INS Hansa.

The integrated terminal of the airport was inaugurated in 2013. In the year 2016-17, the airport supports more than 6.8 million passengers with the help of around 131 aircraft movements a day.

Due to the air traffic congestion because of a strong military and naval presence, there are planning to go on to the second airport at Mopa and it is already in the early stage of construction. It is proposed to be completed by 2020. The Goa International Airport code is GOI.


The integrated terminal building at the airport successfully handles the passengers (both domestic as well as passengers). Here you can witness the aesthetic glass, large steel span structures, and frameless glazing.

This terminal is spread over 62,000 square meters of the area which can easily support more than five million passengers on annual basis. It is equipped with 8 aerobridges. There is also an in-line baggage scanning system along with the state-of-the-art sewage treatment plant.

goa airport terminals

Talking about the counters, the terminal has 75 check-in counters, 18 immigration counters for arrivals, 22 immigration counters for departures, 8 customs counters and 14 security check booths.

In addition to that, the basement of the terminal supports features like electricity and cargo handling. Passengers can find the check-in counters on the ground floor and security check booths are on the first floor. In the 2nd floor, there is the security hold area for the passengers where they can wait before boarding an aircraft.

Currently, the old terminal buildings are shut down after the commissioning of the new terminal.


1Devasthali Resort5 minutes from the airport with shuttle service is available upon request.
2Athi Resort7 minutes from the airport and airport transfers are also available.
3Coconut Creek10 minutes from the airport
4Heritage Village Club9.3 Km from Airport
5Coconut Creek Resort1.4 Km from the airport
6Vivanta by Taj Panaji12.3 Km from the airport
7Grand Hyatt8.2 Km from the airport



1Port Lounge• Located at New Domestic Terminal Building
• Located at New International Terminal Building, with 24 hours availability


There are a number of things to do at Goa Airport along with the facilities which are discussed below:

Wi-Fi / Internet:

Passengers can easily enjoy the Wi-Fi facility at Goa Airport inside the lounges. But there is no surety of availability of Wi-Fi elsewhere throughout the terminal.

Transportation Facility:

Passengers can pick from a number of options to get in and out from the Goa International airport. There are taxis, buses, trains, or automobiles which are available anytime. You can reach the nearby city of Vasco da Gama through the public buses.

Local minibusses, prepaid taxis, trains, etc are various new transportation plans in the works.

  • Shuttle Bus:

Those who are traveling on a package holiday can easily ask for free shuttle services from the Goa Airport to your destination by asking their tour operator.

  • Bus:

Passengers can pick the option of local buses at the airport that goes to Chicalim and Vasco-da-Gama. One must be aware of the fact that this service is not very regular and often crowded. So the best option is to take a taxi to nearby Vasco de Gama and then you can pick the bus to reach Panaji.

  • Train:

Another transport option at the airport is the closest Rail Station which is just 1 km away from the Airport. It is the Dabolim Rail Station. There are two major railway stations located in Goa, one at Margao and the other one at Vasco-da-Gama.

  • Car Rental:

If you are one of those passengers who are interested in exploring the beautiful city of Goa, then choosing a car is a very good option for you.

  • Taxi:

You will find the pre-paid taxi booth outside the terminal. It is one of the best options to pick from and do try to use a pre-paid taxi from the booth to reduce the chances of you being ripped off.


Passengers can easily avail the facility of ATMs at both Landside and Airside of the Goa domestic airport.

Baby Care Facilities:

There are Child Care Rooms also available at the airside in both Domestic and International terminals.

baby changing room


Currency Exchange:

You can also get the glimpse of the Currency Exchange service which is available landside in the Domestic Departures area along with at the landside as well as airside in the International Arrivals area.

Duty-Free & Shopping:

Passengers can enjoy the Duty-free shopping at the Goa Airport shops. It is available airside to departing and arriving passengers in the International terminal. There are a variety of souvenir, craft, and gift shops in both the domestic as well as international terminals at the airport.

Eating Options:

Passengers can easily avail a number of food concessions throughout the Goa airport restaurants which are operated with varying schedules. It is not confirmed whether this service is available 24/7 or not.

Information Desk:

For the comfort and convenience of the travelers all around the world, there is the availability of the tourism and information booths which are located in the International and Domestic Arrivals areas.

Medical Services:

Passengers can avail the medical services in case of an emergency as there is a first aid station located in the airport.

Smoking Areas:

Passengers can easily avail the facility of Smoking rooms which are available airside in both Domestic and International Departures areas, and in the International Arrivals hall.


There is also the availability of spa which is located airside in both Domestic and International terminals.

Goa Airport’s Reviews:

J Powles:

Yes it chaotic and unacceptable in many ways. Yes, many improvements are required but they are trying and after 8 visits to Goa, I can see it happening slowly. What I will say however is that the disabled assistance is excellent – aside from the other chaos. When there is a disabled person who needs help through the process, they become incredibly efficient so credit to them as they have always been there to assist my husband in good time for the flight unlike other supposedly “more civilized” airports. After eight visits, it’s beginning to feel like home. So hats off to an airport that has progressed leaps and bounds in comparison to its western counterparts and which I’m sure will eventually come out on top!

J Williamson:

My last visited Dabolim Airport was 6 years earlier when it was a nightmare. This time arrival and departure were fairly slick – 30 minutes each way without multiple jobsworths checking and re-checking bags visas passports etc. Perhaps we were just lucky judging by other comments.

G Fernandes:

A pretty grand airport for the little use I observed. Due to the staffing levels and the additional helpers, the Check-in and security checks were really quick. There were three men in the customs department who were very polite. There are plenty of trolleys and the staff seemed very helpful. The airport was clean and spacious. The beer was very expensive. Little scope for shopping but the staff was helpful and friendly.


1.> Does Goa airport have Lounge?

Ans:- First thing first. Its NOT a lounge. Its basically a RESTAURANT and of-course crowded as it has free access for everyone in the airport. Apart from restaurant tables & chairs, there are 3-4 sofa sets to give you a lounge experience and it can accommodate only very few people.

2.> How many terminals does Goa airport have?

Ans:- two terminals

3.> Does Goa airport have duty free?

Ans:- Dutyfree shops selling liquor, cigarettes, perfumes, toiletries, electronic items, watches and numerous other gift items are located in the international departures and arrivals areas. News, books, clothes and general goods are available in both terminals.



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