Do You Know the Secrets of World’s Best Airport?

When it comes to the World’s top Airport, people expect much more than “just average”. That’s what the Changi Airport is focusing on delivering its customers. If we say that Changi Airport is a unique airport of the world then it wouldn’t be wrong.

The airport is not less than any 5-star resort. It features everything that a person wishes for. From a peaceful snooze lounge to Butterfly and Sunflower garden, there are a number of cool and interesting factors which you always wanted to know about. People do travel here and there and come to visit the airport in order to book international flights to a country of their choice.

1# Spend your time through PlayStation 3 consoles:

Passengers can also enjoy an array of entertainment facilities at the Entertainment Deck like Xbox Kinect Room, XBOX360, PlayStation 3 consoles, MTV booth, music area and more.

PlayStation 3 consoles

2# Don’t miss your favorite sports events:

If you are a sports lover, then the facility of watching the latest sports events at the Xperience Zone on a large screen is just the perfect opportunity to grab. It also features cushioned seats which come with its own set of speakers for a surround sound experience.

3# Who doesn’t want to get a four-storey tall slide:

The tallest slide of Singapore is four-storey tall slide and also every kid’s favorite playground. The slide is located in the public area of Terminal 3′s arrival hall.

4# Butterfly Garden: Beauties in Bulk

Passengers have the wider scope regarding spending their extra time at the Changi Airport. They can pick the option of Butterfly Garden at the airport which supports more than 47 species and over 1000 friendly butterflies. There is also the availability of educational corners and individual enclosures which let the travelers have more glimpse of the life cycle of a butterfly. And if you are lucky, you may also catch the birth of a butterfly as it emerges from the pupa.

Changi Airport Garden

5# Is there Fish Spa available at an airport?

Passengers at the airport also have the option of Fish Spa at the Terminal 1. In addition to that, there is also the availability of a range of massages like neck & shoulder massage, hot stone massage, foot reflexology, and Thai yoga massage.

6# Not less than a theme park for Kids:

If you are traveling with the little ones, then you will be happy to know that the Changi Airport also offers several children’s playgrounds at the three terminals.

7# Give Your Tired Feet rest and that also for free:

There are also a plenty of massage chairs that are scattered all over the airport. These are the best option to attain relief for your tired feet at the airport.

8# Yes there is something like Snooze Lounge at Changi:

In case you have enough time for your next flight and want to complete your sleep, then go straight to the Snooze Lounge at Terminal 3. You can find comfy leather chairs and a relaxing environment.

Snooze Lounge at Changi

9# Social Tree: An extensive way to remember your memories:

One of the newest additions at the airport which you won’t find at any other airport is the Social Tree at Terminal 1. It includes eight photo booths where passengers can capture memories via photos and videos and retrieve them on subsequent visits to the airport. For example, when you visit here after 1 or 5 or 10 years again, you can witness the same pictures later too.

10# Layover Never seems so Wonderful as You get in Changi:

In case, your stopover is at least five hours or more, then no need to worry, as you qualify for a free bus tour of Singapore.

11# Save More By Buying Duty-Free Products:

Changi Airport is famous for its duty-free shopping but not many people have heard of iShopChangi. It allows the passengers to enjoy tax and duty-free shopping in the comfort of your home. The best items to purchase at the airport are beauty products, wine & spirits, chocolates, IT & Electronic instruments and more.

12# Have You Seen A Garden full of Sunflowers:

After the glorifying beauty of the butterfly garden, passengers can also witness a Sunflower Garden in the airport. Most of the people are unaware of this fact of the Changi Airport.  So the next time, when you are in Changi Airport, remember to visit the rooftop sunflower garden which is located at level three of departure transit lounge at the Terminal 2.

13# Free Movie! YES here you can enjoy:

If you have some spare time before your flight, then you can also grab the option of the movie theatre at the Changi Airport. And the interesting part is that these movie theatres are open 24 hours on daily basis and the screenings are free.

Free Movie

14# Get More Dining Options than a 5-star Restaurants:

Passengers also have the option of more than 120 food and beverage outlets at the airport including Universal Dining at the Terminal 2 and Prima Taste at Terminal 3.

15# Your dream of becoming a Millionaire can become true:

If you spend $30 or more than that at any of the stores at the airport, then you become eligible to enter the annual Changi Millionaire competition. This includes a prize money of million Singapore dollars i.e. is more than R8 million.

16# One can never think of Swimming at any airport, but here it is:

At terminal 1 of the airport, passengers can easily avail the services of the rooftop pool which also supports views of the runway. Along with that, there is a bar, pool table, and gym too over here.

17# More Than 80 Shopping and Dining Options made it a mall in itself:

At the Changi Airport, passengers get a number of options regarding shopping and dining outlets in Terminal 4 which occupy a space of about 16,000 square meters.

80 Shopping and Dining

18# You won’t find any staff except at screening:

The unique part which makes the Changi Airport different from others is that it is the place where travelers will meet airport staff is at the security screening areas only because travelers can use self-service machines at the check-in counter, immigration clearance time and at departure gate boarding; in short everywhere. From facial recognition technology to fingerprints technology, the airport is fully automated.


  • 6 700 flights pass through the Changi Airport each single week that means one in every 100 seconds.
  • More than 2 million of passengers used Changi Airport in the year 2012.
  • 32 000 people deliver their services to Changi Airport.