Detailed Documentation For Journalist Visa In India For US Citizens!

Any person of a different nationality who wants to enter in India must have a relevant Indian Visa. It defines the purpose of his/her visit and also explains the limitations on that person’s activities in India.

Visa is a kind of separate official travel document indicating how long, you can leave, stay and enter a country for a specific period of time. Visas are issued by the immigration authorities of a foreign country after checking and verifying all your credentials properly. But, the permission received through visa is temporary and it is an approval form that is provided by the immigration officer at the entry point.

But when a journalist, cartoonist, editor, photographer, film producer, a representative of a radio and television organization, and travel writer visit to India for the purpose to broadcast the audio visual news or current affairs programs through the print, or any other electronic form, then there is a need for “JOURNALIST VISA”.

So, following are the Journalist Visa requirements India which will help you in getting aware of the requirements and how can you apply for this.

How to Apply for a Journalist Visa:

You can apply for a visa both online and offline. In case of an offline visa application, download the application form and fill it with the required information. Then, submit the application form at your respective visa application center. Here are the steps on how to apply for a visa.

Step 1: –

After visiting the Indian Government Site, click on the “Regular Visa Application” option for the further information.

Step 2: –

Now, click on the Online Visa Application form and fill the required fields with the valid information. But, always read the instruction before filling the application form.

Step 3:-

When the form is completed, print it and sign it properly. Now, you can attach the photographs in the required fields.

  • Attach the 2 x 2 passport type colored photographs in the required field. And make sure that the photographs have a front view along with a plain/white background. Do not staple and tape the photographs with the application form.

If you are going to apply for an application form online, then you can upload the photos instead of providing physical passport photos.

Step 4: –

  • Staple a clear photocopy of a Driver license or state issued ID with the application form. And make sure that the address you provide on the ID is same as the address on the visa application.
  • You can attach a copy of a valid document that contains a signature of landlord/tenant.

Step 5: –

Click on the button “Verified and Continue” and make sure that the information you enter in the fields is correct.

After verification, a confirmation box will open on the next page with the Applicant Name and Number.

Do not try to make handwritten corrections on the application form otherwise, they will reject your application form.

Step 6: –

Visit the Indian Visa Center and submit your application. You can also email the application form with the other relevant documents to the specified address.

Step 7: –

You can pay your visa fee online or pay cash at the time of your appointment.

Step 8: – Track the status:

Check the status of your application on the website. Visas can take a maximum of seven to nine days to process and return.

Other Requirements:

Your passport is valid up to 6 months and makes sure that you also have a copy of Visa application form that is filled out online.

Declaration Form:

An original signed copy of the India Declaration Form.

Journalist undertaking Letter:

If you are traveling to India for the tourism or business purpose and not for Journalism purposes, then you should have a completed and signed Journalist undertaking Letter.

Letter from Media Company in India:

The applicant should have a Letter of Invitation from the Media Company that is in India. But make sure that the letter is printed on letterhead stationery and signed by the senior manager of the company.


You are required to possess a valid passport with a valid Indian visa before starting your travel to India. Every traveler must have a valid visa to travel to India.

Journalists and Intern journalists, who are traveling to India to work in Indian media organizations, should apply for an Employment Visa.

Following steps for Documentary film / Ad films making in India
  • STEP 1: Application for Clearance of documentary film: Documentary and Ads film makers need to obtain an approval from the Government of India for filming a documentary in India. You can apply for this application by email to the respective Embassy.
  • STEP 2: You may submit your fully completed application with complete documents & full payments to the Embassy.

It will be provided to:

  • Cameraman, Journalist, Media Person, News Broadcaster, Press, Publisher, Reporter and TV Producer.
  • It is also granted to a Columnist, cartoonist, Photographer, Film producer, Travel writer and any professional journalist who is working for a company and broadcast the news through any electronic form.
  • The other type of visa is only valid for tourism purpose not for professional work.

Dependent Members:

If your spouse or any other dependent family members want to accompany you, apply for only ‘Journalist Visa’, not for Tourist or Entry visa.

Processing time:

  • Generally, it is issued for 3 months, Single Entry.
  • These are also available for 5 years AND 10 years that is only for US Citizens under a bilateral agreement.
  • The validity of this visa begins from the date of visa issuance, not from the date of entry into India.
  • Apply for your visa at least 15 days before your date of travel.

Fee structure:

The cost of Visa varies according to the arrangement between the governments. But make sure that the same numbers of months are mentioned in both application form and passport.

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This article helps you to provide the valid information about the Visa from the USA. For this type of visa, you will need to submit your passport along with your application, recent passport sized photo and details of your itinerary.