Delta Teams Up With Roadie To Reunite Passengers With Lost Luggage!

Lost luggage can turn the travel process into a big ordeal for airline passengers. It can also create a real headache for the airline tasked with reuniting a passenger with their misplaced luggage.

That’s why Delta has decided to team up with a company called Roadie to reunite customers with lost luggage. Roadie is considered to be the Uber of the luggage world because it uses everyday people to deliver lost luggage. Lost luggage could be a real cash cow for people who sign up to deliver bags through the service.

How Reunite Passenger With Lost Luggage?

  • If any passenger discovers that their luggage has not reached its destination, then travelers do not need to come to the customer service desk at the airport.
  • The Fly Delta app will actually alert Roadie users to the fact that their luggage is lost with help from an RFID chip.
  • Passengers can file claims digitally.
  • Luggage that is found and delivered to its intended destination is then given to one of Roadie’s local drivers for delivery.

There is an even more dynamic aspect to Roadie. Drivers working with Roadie receive notifications when deliveries are needed and then use the Roadie app to connect with Delta customers.

How Much Can A Person Make While Working With Roadie?

Roadie has offered money for bag deliveries that bring drivers a long way or that include larger-than-usual bags. Delivery payments typically have a different range. Actual payment depends on how far bags need to be transported.

Delta’s commitment to making it easier to reunite airline passengers with lost luggage comes just as the airline industry is hitting a deadline regarding baggage tracking. The International Air Transport Association’s (IATA) Resolution 753 requires airlines to introduce methods for capturing and managing data in order to view each piece of luggage at every stage once. It gets into an airline’s possession. The resolution requires bags to be tracked at the point where a passenger hands luggage to an airline, during the loading process, during delivery to a transfer area and upon return to a passenger.

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