Expanding Horizons: Unveiling New Delhi Airport’s Fourth Runway for Elevated Connectivity

As per latest reports, the much awaited Delhi Airport fourth runway has been finally inaugurated by civil aviation minister Jyotiraditya Scindia. Besides that, the civil minister also hinted that the airport’s new terminal would open in October of this year. In fact, this fourth runway makes Delhi Airport the only one to have four terminals in the whole country. However, with this terminal, Delhi Airport’s throughput capacity went from 1400–1500 air traffic movements per day to almost 2000.

About Delhi Airport New Runway

The newest terminal and the new runway will enable Delhi Airport to handle 109 million passengers annually. As per Scindia, the country’s civil aviation sector is beginning to grow and is contributing to India’s rising economic power. Therefore, Delhi Airport fourth runway along with the terminal expansion, is creating capacity to serve 109 million people throughout, which crests and beats even Atlanta in its capacity.

How it will affect the International Airport of Delhi

Currently, the airport manages 1400–1500 flights per day. Following this, two large aircraft, the A380 and B777, can take off and land simultaneously on an elevated taxiway. However, it will cut the taxing distance for aircraft from around 15 minutes to 7 minutes and from the current 9 km to 2 km, reducing emissions by 55,000 tons annually.

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Scindia built India’s first eastern cross taxiway, connecting the northern and southern parts of the airfield. Hence, this reduces aircraft taxi time and allows all passengers to deplane within 12 minutes of landing. India wants to reach new heights as a result, but with growth comes greater responsibility. Nevertheless, with ECT and the fourth runway, annual CO2 emissions will get reduced by nearly 55,000 tons.

Indian Aviation Minister Statement

As per the aviation minister, the civil aviation sector today contributes to India’s transportation and infrastructure sectors. However, it is a critical enabler in India’s rise to economic power. Consequently, it contributes to the expansion of metro airports.

GMR Rao, GMR group chairman, pronounced that ECT and Delhi Airport fourth runway will also assist in building up workable efficiency and increasing capacity. The ETC, fourth runway, and new integrated terminal will make Delhi airport future-ready. At the same time, it fulfils the dream of becoming a major international airport hub. In contrast, once the fourth runway is operational, the main runway will closed for a few months for maintenance. Therefore, all four runways are probable to perform by March, April 2024.

In fact, the new runway has paved the way for all passengers. However, now that people won’t have to wait longer, the distance will get reduced. Now, after Delhi airport fourth runway inauguration, people will feel more relaxed and stress free. Not to mention, the new terminal will start operating in October 2023. After all, this is one of the aviation industry’s most significant accomplishments. Furthermore, it is pointing India in the direction of a better future. And for more up-to-date news, you can visit FlyDealFare.