Check World’s Best First Class Airlines 2019

What would be better than flying in a first-class? Nothing I Think! Am I right? You will have a wonderful experience in first-class. You’ll feel mesmerizing while flying in the clouds. Have your favorite sip of drinks while watching your favorite movie in clouds. It is the highest class offered to the passengers. This mind-blowing flying experience will make your heart full of joy. Simply you can say that it is worth spending money on First Class travel. You will get all the facilities which will make you feel like home even above thousands of feet above the ground. But wait! You are spending a lot on this luxurious journey why not to travel in the best airline? Check-out the world’s best first-class airways and then book accordingly.

What is first-class travel?

If you are flying in first class then it will be the best luxurious air journey that you will ever have. It is more like an unattainable and unbelievable journey. People usually dream of this. From seats to food, from food to other in-flight services you will get everything up to date. Not only in flight you will get luxurious boarding and landing facilities here. Don’t get discouraged by the mathematics. If you are spending more you are getting more also.

What makes First-Class different from others?

You must be thinking that why should I spend thousands of dollars on this journey. There are hundreds of reasons why should you book first-class. Let us review some of them.

  • Surrounded In between so much of luxuries you will find your journey full of comforts. You will feel home completely.
  • Here you will get the leverage of flying in your suit in the clouds.
  • Also, get a personal Chauffeur to take you to the airport before take-off and to your destination after landing.
  • You can easily have a business meeting on clouds.
  • Get ready to take a shower in clouds while flying.
  • Enjoy the best food and drink services.

 Singapore Airlines

Singapore airlines stole the show by being on number one among all the airlines. You will get large bed seats. Besides that, you can book your cook. But you need to book it 24 hours before your flight. Talking about the entertainment you will get more than 1000 entertainment options here. Being more specific you will get 23 inches personal screen. Noise-canceling headphones will keep you away from every kind of nuisance.


Your arrival at the airport will be as pleasant as possible. You will get a valet parking service for rental or private cars at the First Class Terminal. If you want to book a personal chauffeur then you can easily do so. You will find a limo waiting for you to take you to the airport. It does not over here you will get the drop-off in a luxury car after landing as well. You will get a personal attendant. Yes, it is true! You will get individual assistance while flying. Access to the lounges is another amazing facility that you will get there. Make your journey more delightful by sipping the finest wines while watching your favorite episodes and movies.

Air France

Air France has also been awarded for being the best first-class airline in the world. You will get an exclusive onboard experience in Air France flights. You will see the crew ready to provide you all the personalized services. Along with the delicious food enjoy different cuisines in clouds. Air France offers exclusive cocktails to their passengers created by Colin Field, head bartender. Want to hear more? It’s here then. You will get private jet services for connecting flights.

Etihad Airways

Etihad is the next big name on the list. Along with the fresh food and fine wines, the First lounge & Spa is a peaceful place to relax before your flight. Pamper yourself with the soothing spa and also have access to the best lounges. Want to treat yourself a little more VIP? Go for a personal VIP room. How about sipping wine in the lobby? Awesome! You can enjoy this feeling as well.

Qatar Airways

You will get world-class services in Qatar airways. Besides that, you will feel well-rested and refreshed throughout the journey. You will get onboard Wi-Fi services. In addition to that, you will get access to the first-class lounges also. On-site spa facilities are also provided to the passengers. The best thing is the beautifully decorated cabins. You can enjoy a shower in the cozy bathrooms while flying. Qatar airways provide you a special amenity kit. If you are a dessert lover then you will feel happy after seeing the dessert menu.


Emirates airlines are also a world known for its best services. They also provide you the chauffeur facilities from your doorstep. Services are not restricted up to here only. You will also get a drop-off facility in a luxury class after your landing as well. You will get amenities to pamper yourself as well like spa services and skincare collection. Enjoy HD view of your favorite movies and series. Exclusive food and beverages are additional perks.

These are just small description in actual you will get many more services. So travel in these airline’s first-class and experience a worth remembering journey by sky. All the above airlines are awarded by Skytrax for best first-class airlines in 2019.

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