Tips to Book Cheap Business Class Flight Tickets

Flying in a business class is an experience of its kind. You will travel with the utmost level of comfort and convenience. Along with all the facilities, you will get a homely feeling in the air. But good things generally come with a higher cost. The same applies here also, these tickets are quite expensive. But sometimes if you act smart you can get the best deals from the airlines. There are some tips and hacks that you can apply and get a rebate in business class as well. Not every passenger is aware of these hacks, just read and try to implement them you will see a drastic change in your airfares.

Buy from Airfare Sales

International airways offer a sale on business class flight tickets usually. It’s just not everyone is aware of that sale. If you are looking for cheap offers on business class flights then this is the best option to grab. The fare prices are very genuine here. All you need to check the websites of airlines regularly. But before buying from the sales you should know the actual prices of flights only then you would be able to compare how much discount you are getting. Airfares keep on fluctuating depending on different factors.

Unpublished ticket discounts

Unpublished tickets also benefit the flyers a lot. Didn’t know about this already? Let me explain. Consolidators have access to some special tickets. These tickets are available generally at lower prices. These prices can be 20% to 50% less than the normal prices. But before going for this option read all the tickets of restrictions and the cost of the changes. Also, check that all prices include taxes and surcharges. This is another possible way of reducing standard prices.

Split Tickets

Try to split the tickets between your destinations. You can choose the countries with cheaper flight tickets prices. Let’s imagine you are booking a business class flight from USA to India then you can split your destinations. It means you can choose a destination in between USA to India then fly to the final destination i.e India. This is another popular method of booking cheap business class flights.

Fifth Freedom Routes

You might not have an idea about this method but fifth freedom flights are heavily discounted. This method allows an airline to generate revenue traffic between foreign countries. This would be as a part of services connecting the airline’s own country. It is the best way of carrying passengers from one’s own country to the second country and from that country to the next country and so on. Check this method of booking a cheap business class as well.

Lesser-Known Airlines

Renowned airlines indeed charge more airfares from the customers. Sometimes lesser known airlines offer business class flights at best rates. So not check only from the famous airlines. If you are getting the best deals anywhere else then go for it. They do so to induce new customers for them that is why they offer at low prices. For example, British Airways is one of the cheapest airlines for business class.

Use Frequent Flyer Miles

Wait! Are you a frequent flyer? If yes then you have the leverage to get this opportunity. You can easily redeem your points for your next business class flight ticket bookings. Being a frequent flyer you might know that every journey adds some points in your card if you are paying through credit card. Now users can use these points to make your journey less expensive. Besides that credit card company and banks also keep providing offers to their regular customers. There is another way to redeem points as well. You can buy the bonus points from the airlines’ sales and after that redeem these bonus points to get better opportunities.

Be Loyal to You Airline

Loyalty matters a lot in every field. If you fly regularly from the same airline then for them you are a loyal customer. They offer various plans for their loyal customers. While giving upgrades to the customers, loyal customers are the first preferences of the airlines.

Other Tricks:

Besides all above-mentioned tricks you can try these also for better results:

  • First of all book flight tickets in the private window of your browser.
  • After that try to bid for a business class as airlines offer this facility of bidding to the passengers. But don’t bid too less. It will decrease your chances of getting an upgrade. You are advised to make a bid off 20% to 30% less than its actual price.
  • You might be aware of the fact that airfares keep on changing from time to time. Now it’s obvious that you would like to buy at the time when the prices are lower. Now the question is how you will get to know about the prices, you can’t keep on checking every time. The solution is “alerts”. You can set alerts on your mobile phone device. The moment ticket prices decrease you will get notified.
  • Also, try not to book on Monday or starting days of a week. These days are very busy for business passengers. So the prices can be quite higher, though you can check the airfares these days as well because there is no predictability in the airline industry.

These are some tricks for booking business class at cheap prices. Try to implement any of them in your journey. You must get some benefit.


Let us summarize all the above-given points:

  • Try to book your tickets from airline sales.
  • You can also make a bid on the airline website.
  • If you have enough time then buy split tickets.
  • You can also check less known airways.
  • Always make your searches in a private window.
  • Use a credit card for booking is beneficial for you to get the rewards.
  • Be loyal to your airline it will also help you to buy cheap business class flight tickets.
  • Unpublished tickets methods are another best method of getting the best deals on business class flight tickets.

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