How To Check The PNR Status Of Indian Airlines?

PNR number of a flight refers to a customer’s passenger name record number. This number is issued during the initial process of ticket booking. This number can be used to check the PNR status of the different flights. On entering this number, the flight status will be shown to the customer. This will include details such as seat number, flight number, flight’s arrival and departure time.

Different Ways To Check Flight PNR Status:

Indian Airlines PNR Status can be checked through a number of ways. This includes:

  • By Website:

Passengers can go through a number of websites which can help them to know their flight PNR status. All you need to do is to visit the booking flight official website or Travel agency website. By entering your flight PNR number, you can get all the details related to your tickets and seats.

  • By SMS:

Passengers can also avail the SMS facility as it is offered by a number of airlines. All you need to know is the SMS number.

  • By customer care:

All airline companies provide a Toll-Free number through which you can get your flight status in no time.

Here we are discussing the PNR status of 5 major Indian Airlines. Hence go through the details of PNR Status Of Indian Airlines and the steps involved in checking out the required status.

  • Air India PNR Status:

In case, you have booked an Air India ticket and your ticket is not confirmed yet, then you need to follow steps to check PNR status for your Air India Flight.

Indian Airlines PNR Status is updated regularly so as in case of Air India. That means your ticket will be confirmed easily if the flight seats are available. You can regularly review it to check your ticket status.

How To Check?

By following the below-given steps, you can check the PNR status online very easily:

  • Go to PNR Enquiry page
  • After that, enter your booking reference number and traveler last name (as mention on the Air India ticket).
  • Once you fill all the required details as mentioned, click on View button.
  • At last, within in few seconds, you can see your Air India PNR Status.

You also get the option of checking the PNR status through a phone call (toll-free number).

Air India Flight Status:

Through the PNR number, you not only check the status of flight but this number can also help get your flight confirmed.

Passengers have to do is visit to know if their flight ticket is confirmed or not. All they need to do is to enter the PNR number in the given space.

A customer can even use Air India’s mobile service to confirm flight with the help of this PNR number.

It is possible to check the flight status of an Air India flight. The flight status provides info related to arrival, departure and delay time of flights.

  • Jet Airways PNR Status:

In case, you have booked a flight with Jet Airways and your booking status is in waiting then you can easily check your ticket’s current status. HOW? Well, you will get a unique PNR number with every flight ticket. It consists the name, age and seat number of the respective passenger traveling with that ticket.

You can check the current booking status of your Jet Airways ticket by using your PNR number. Passengers with confirmed tickets are permitted to travel by the flight.

How To Check?

Jet Airways PNR is a unique number associated with each ticket booked via Jet Airways. This number identifies you as the traveler of the airline. You can check your Jet Airways flight PNR status by following these steps:

  • First of all, visit the Jet Airways Flight PNR status page
  • Then enter your PNR number along with the other details in their respective columns.
  • Then, hit the “Check Status” button
  • At last, you can check the PNR status of your Jet Airways ticket.

Jet Airways Flight Status:

By visiting the official website of Jet Airways, passengers can easily check his/her PNR status. You can also avail the call option in order to check the PNR status of the airline.

By checking the PNR status of the airline, you can check your seat confirmation. Plus you can also check the arrival and departure timings of the flight.

Just by submitting required details on the official website, you can easily avail the flight status of Jet Airways.

  • Vistara PNR Status:

Passengers can easily check the seat status or ticket confirmation of their Vistara flight ticket by entering the PNR number of the booked ticket. Just fill your name, age and other details, you will be shown the current status of your booked ticket. Perhaps, this status may change before the final charting.

You can check Vistara PNR status online on flight PNR by availing all the details about Vistara flights. You can check the PNR status of domestic as well as international flights before leaving to find out flight is on time and ticket is confirmed.

How To Check?

In order to check your Vistara ticket or Flight PNR Status, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Vistara ticket or Flight PNR Status page.
  • After that, enter the Booking Reference or PNR or E-ticket Number.
  • The first and last name of the passenger is used at the time of ticket booking.
  • Click the view button and check the PNR status of your Vistara ticket or Flight PNR Status.
  • SpiceJet PNR Status:

One can easily get details of its PNR status with the help of Passengers can also get the glimpse of the customer service facility provided by the airline and make a call to one of the executives for checking the PNR status. This will help those customers who forget to take a copy of their tickets which they booked from online. Along with that, the one who want to do changes in itinerary also needs to check the SpiceJet PNR status.

How To Check?

To check the current booking status of your SpiceJet flight ticket, you need to follow the below mentioned some easy and simple steps:

  • Firstly, you need to go to the official website of SpiceJet Airways i.e.
  • Then, enter your SpiceJet ticket PNR number in the box and hit the “Retrieve Booking” button.
  • Lastly, check your SpiceJet flight ticket status.

Plus you can also take help of helpline numbers and consult the customer care service of the airline.

  • Indigo PNR Status:

Multiple passengers can check their PNR status with the help of website of Indigo airlines.

Indigo airlines website not only let the travelers buy the airlines tickets with safe and secure online payment facility but also let them know their PNR status. In addition to that, you also have the option of checking indigo airlines India PNR status and status of your flight with the help of indigo airlines India PNR number.

How To Check?

In order to check your Indigo Airlines Ticket PNR status, you need to follow these steps:-

  • Go to the Indigo Airlines PNR status page.
  • Then fill your Booking or web Reference or PNR number in the prescribed space.
  • After that, click the “Get Itinerary” button.
  • At last, you can check the PNR status of your Indigo flight ticket.