Celebrate enlightened Christmas in amazing places in India

Do you feel jittery after hearing Christmas? You should because the festival is full of fun, joy, and happiness. From children to older people everyone is waiting for this beautiful festival. The festival is important from a historical, cultural and traditional point of view. This is a favorite festival for children. So if you are also making plans about Christmas then plan something different this year. How about India? Yes, don’t surprise. Indians also celebrate Christmas with enthusiasm and a spirit of joy. There are various places to explore in India on the occasion of Christmas. What are you waiting for? Book your flights to India on Christmas and get a special discount on flight tickets. Let’s explore something about the feast before exploring the places.

What is Christmas?

Birthday of Jesus Christ is known as Christmas. This day is celebrated as a festival. Jesus Christ is known as ‘The Son Of God’ in the Christian religion. On this day people decorate their homes with bright, colorful lights and a Christmas tree.

How to Celebrate?

Christmas generally comes with gift-giving, family and other social get-togethers, symbolic decoration, feasting, etc. the festival is majorly a Christian, cultural and secular feast. It is not like only Christian people celebrate this festival. Non-Christian people also celebrate the festival.

Why this festival is celebrated?

This festival is celebrated to remember the birth of Jesus Christ. Christ was believed to be the Son of God. Furthermore, this name ‘Christmas’ came from the Mass of Christ (or Jesus). On this day on communion Christian remember that Jesus died for them and then came back to life.

When is Christmas?

Date: 25th December 2020

Day: Friday

Best places to celebrate this festival in India

Are you wondering about Christmas celebrations in India? Yes, it is the new truth. As the world is evolving countries are also evolving and celebrating every festival leaving all the stereotypes behind. Don’t get surprised because there are several places in India where you can have a blast at Christmas. Here is the list of places where Christmas is celebrated with full enthusiasm.


Especially known for its nightlife Goa would be a perfect place to be this Christmas in India. This place is famous for its beaches otherwise. On this special day, you will see Churches and homes enlightened with beautiful lights. People also decorate their homes with amazing flowers. Children sing beautiful Christmas carol on this day. Goa is very famous among tourists for Christmas celebrations. So visit Goa this year and witness this wonderful festival in all the colors of light.

Famous Churches in Goa

  • Bom Jesus Basilica
  • Se Cathedral
  • Church of St Francis of Assisi
  • Church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception
  • Church of St. Cajetan
  • Chapel of St. Catherine


This amazing state of India has a considerable number of Christians. They celebrate the birth anniversary of Christ. All the streets are decorated so well that you can sense the excitement in the air. On this holy day, you will see the crowd pouring into the Churches. The mesmerizing beauty of this place is food for the excitement for the tourists. Book your flights to India and make your Christmas happening in Shillong.

Famous Churches in Shillong

  • Chapel of St. Catherine
  • All Saints Church
  • Nepali Christian fellowship church
  • Pohkseh Presbyterian church


It is another fascinating union territory for Christmas celebrations in India. This beautiful and scenic place in India is known as “Little France” in India. This beautiful place is known for its architecture and mind-blowing beaches. You will see lots of Christians here who celebrate Christmas with great zeal following every traditional rituals and merry-making. All the churches are stunningly decorated on this day. Enjoy the festival on the beach with marine life in Pondicherry.

Famous Churches in Pondicherry

  • Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus
  • Immaculate Conception Cathedral
  • Our Lady of Assumption Church
  • The Church of Lady of Lourdes
  • Church of Our Lady of Good Health


You will see the whole city decorated with stars and lights. Your festival celebrations in Kerala will not be the same as other parts of the country surely. Don’t worry about expenses you will get a huge discount on a hotel discount on this day. The city welcomes tourists in the best manner. At the time of Christmas, Cochin Carnival is also organized in Kerala. You can also enjoy this during your trip to India. It will enhance your fun and joy.

Famous Churches in Kerala

  • Famous Churches in Kerala
  • Kerala Holiday Packages on Travel Triangle
  • Francis Church, Kochi
  • Nadamel Marth Mariam Church, Kochi
  • George Church, Ernakulam


Mumbai is also known as “Film City” of India. Celebrate this feast in filmy style in India. If you want to celebrate Christmas traditionally then Mumbai is the best place to visit. You will find churches all over the city. On this day you will see the city fully decorated and bakeries full of rush. People buy lots of goodies on this day. In the twinkling of stars and the glamour of lights make memories of this holy festival in India. Fly to Mumbai this Christmas.

Famous Churches in Mumbai

  • Mount Mary Basilica, Bandra
  • St Andrew’s Church, Bandra
  • Afghan Church, Colaba
  • St Thomas Cathedral, Fort
  • St Peter’s Church, Bandra


Embrace yourself in the joy of the city this year. You will see all the pubs, bars and clubs full of crowd. You can party all night. You will get to hear the sweet sound of carols reverberating from a long distance. There are some Anglo-Indian societies in Kolkata that prefer to celebrate Christmas traditionally. You will get to experience a perfect blend of customs and parties here.

Famous Churches in Kolkata

  • St Paul’s Cathedral
  • Christ the King Church
  • Mar Thoma Syrian Church
  • Armenian Church of the Holy Nazareth
  • St Thomas Church

Activities to do on Christmas

  • Though you are visiting India and at this time you will see snowfall at some places here. You can play Snowball in the evening time.
  • You must visit a Church on that day.
  • Besides that, you can party with your family and friends.
  • You can do other fun activities at home like playing treasure hunt.
  • You can do some charity work also on this holy day.



1.> What are the Christmas traditions in India?

ANS:- In South India, one widespread Christmas tradition is the put a burning earthen lamp on their roofs. This practice symbolizes that Jesus is the light of the world. In north-west India, the Christians narrate the Christmas story and sing melodious carols in their own dialects.

2.> Where should I go for Christmas in India?

  • Goa
  • Daman and Diu
  • Kerala
  • Bombay
  • Dadra and Nagar Haveli
  • Bangalore
  • Northeast
  • Delhi


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