Booking Emirates Flights Ticket Using Qantas Frequent Flyer Points!

Want to make your Qantas frequent flyer points fly even further? Here’s how you can use them to book a flight with Emirates and travel to scores of destinations via its Dubai hub. If you’re looking for luxury travel, then certainly appreciate the popular business class bar and the shower suites available to first class passengers. Complimentary chauffeur transfers are still offered with every Emirates business class and first class booking made with points. This is a major benefit which is not available on reward bookings with other airlines, and will certainly make your journey flow a lot smoother.

The main attraction of Emirates’ network will undoubtedly be its forty destinations in Europe all of which can be reached through one stop in Dubai for Australian travelers. These mostly eliminate the need to backtrack from a major hub such as London. Connections through Dubai to the USA and Africa are also viable options from Australia, but hard to redeem points for more direct routes. Emirates operates a number of ‘fifth freedom’ flights, which are direct flights between Australia, New Zealand and Asia which don’t go through Dubai – and can be booked on their own as a one-way or return journey. These include:

  • Sydney to Christchurch and Bangkok
  • Melbourne and Brisbane to Singapore
  • Auckland to Denpasar/Bali

This opens up the possibility of enjoying Emirates’ long-haul aircraft on routes usually served by smaller planes like those seen across the Tasman.

Routes To Book Emirates Flights With Qantas Points

Emirates flies from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth to Dubai, before connecting to destinations in Europe, Africa, the USA and beyond. If you don’t live in one of those 5 capital cities but are near an airport served by Qantas or QantasLink, then you can usually add a connecting flight to one of those cities for no extra points and a minimal increase in taxes.

For example: Dubai’s location makes it an ideal transit point between Australia and Europe. Passengers from Adelaide or Perth may also find it easier to fly to New York with Emirates, rather than making two inconvenient stops through an Australian east coast city and then through another hub within the United States.

How Many Points Need To Book Emirates Flights Using Qantas Points

Here’s how many Qantas Points you need to start planning your next trip. For a return journey, simply double these figures.

  • Emirates’ direct flights between Australia, New Zealand and Asia
Route (one-way) First Class Business Class Economy Class
Sydney ⟷ Christchurch 54,000 Qantas Points 36,000 Qantas Points 18,000 Qantas Points
Sydney ⟷ Bangkok Melbourne ⟷ Singapore Brisbane ⟷ Singapore 90,000 Qantas Points 60,000 Qantas Points 28,000 Qantas Points
Auckland ⟷ Denpasar 90,000 Qantas Points 60,000 Qantas Points 28,000 Qantas Points


  • One-way to Dubai from Australia
Route (one-way) First Class Business Class Economy Class
Sydney ⟷ Dubai Melbourne ⟷ Dubai Brisbane ⟷ Dubai 144,000 Qantas Points 96,000 Qantas Points 45,000 Qantas Points
Adelaide ⟷ Dubai 126,000 Qantas Points 84,000 Qantas Points 40,000 Qantas Points
Perth ⟷ Dubai 108,000 Qantas Points 72,000 Qantas Points 35,000 Qantas Points


  • Connecting through Dubai to London or New York Emirates’ other European destinations will be priced the same or slightly cheaper, depending on the distance from Dubai.
Route (one-way) First Class Business Class Economy Class
Australia (except Perth) ⟷ London

Australia (all cities) ⟷ New York

192,000 Qantas Points 128,000 Qantas Points 60,000 Qantas Points
Perth ⟷ London 168,000 Qantas Points 112,000 Qantas Points 55,000 Qantas Points


It’s extremely difficult to get premium reward availability across the Pacific to the USA but Australia to New York on Emirates is a good option with plenty of business and first class availability through Dubai. It also doesn’t cost any more points than flying to London.

Emirates Flight Booking With Qantas Points

Here’s a walkthrough for booking an Emirates flight using your Qantas frequent flyer points. This can be a bit tricky as certain routes don’t show up by default and you’ll need to use a multi-city tool to find them.

Log into Qantas Frequent Flyer account and enter flight details but ensure that ‘Use Points – Classic Flight Rewards only’ button is selected. It also pays to be flexible when looking for reward seats, so check that box too if you have some leeway in your dates. A calendar pops up where you can filter the search results down to first class seats only. Luckily, there’s already availability on the date specified plus plenty of availability for the whole month.

There are first class seats available on both Qantas and Emirates for 90,000 points each. If you’re working during the day you may find Emirates’ evening departure to be more convenient. Then it’s as simple as checking the flight details and taxes owing, entering your passenger details and payment details and your booking is confirmed. You will notice in your Manage Booking page, Qantas will also issue you with another booking reference (PNR) to use on Emirates’ website to choose seating and make other requests.

Multi-City Booking Emirates Flights With Qantas Points

Because Qantas and Emirates reward flights are priced identically in points, you can seamlessly add domestic connections to your itinerary and access an Emirates flight from any Australian airport served by Qantas, all on the one booking. This can be particularly useful for regional travelers who use Qantas or QantasLink to connect to major cities, often at hefty prices.

The multi-city tool lets you find and choose flight combinations that might not be automatically presented when you search initially. In this, the search is on for first class availability on Emirates from Launceston to New York. Enter each individual flight segment and the dates required. Ensure Classic Flight Rewards is selected again. Then go through and select each individual flight, depending on what’s available. Once selected, the pricing is confirmed at 192,000 Qantas Points for all three flights from Launceston – the same cost as if you start your journey from Melbourne, and essentially giving the QantasLink flight for free.

Almost any Emirates route can be booked using your Qantas Points through one of these two methods, and with such a wide network available, it’s easy to see how those Qantas Points can get you to any corner of the globe.

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